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Home » Shower Squeegee Shower Doors Toilet Brush Buying Guide 2022

Shower Squeegee Shower Doors Toilet Brush Buying Guide 2022

Shower Squeegee Shower Doors Toilet Brush Buying Guide 2022

Shower Squeegee Shower Doors Toilet Brush Buying Guide 2022

Toilet Brush – Buying Guide, Opinions, and Analysis

Maintaining proper hygiene in the bathroom is vital for both comfort and health. A task in which the toilet brush has a unique role. A product that helps remove traces of dirt and better clean the toilet. Among the most outstanding models of the moment, we find options such as the LolaHome 122901 toilet brush. A model made of stainless steel includes the meeting, its glass, and a holder for toilet paper. The JoyliveCY K0814 toilet brush is more fun and original, whose cherry shape will surely attract the attention of those who see and use it.

The 9 Best Toilet Brushes – Opinions 2022

The toilet brush is a particular object. Due to its arduous task, it is essential in our bathroom, but it is not something we like to see. That is why it is necessary to find the best toilet brush of the moment, both for materials and design. Something that helps the product to be more hidden in the environment and even gives a special touch to your bathroom. A task that will be easier for you with our list of the best toilet brushes of 2022.

Toilet brush with roll holder

Lolahome White Stainless Steel Toilet Brush Holder 

When looking for the best toilet brush, some options are not only elegant but also help us save space. The proof is found in the LolaHome 122901 toilet brush with a toilet roll holder. 

This model has a primary arm that is 65 centimeters long and has an inverted L format, in which it is easy to place the roll of paper that we are using. In the lower part, we find a hole to put the brush without being visible beyond the handle. 

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Due to its stainless steel construction, we are talking about an elegant and resistant product that is easy to clean without much difficulty. The base also has the necessary stability to insert and remove the brush or remove the paper without problems. And do not worry about the assembly, because this will only take a few minutes.

If, when deciding which is the best toilet brush, you are clear that you want a model with a toilet paper holder, this may be your best option.

Shower Squeegee Shower Doors Toilet Brush Buying Guide 2022


Materials: The product has a high-quality stainless steel construction.

Height: Its height of 65 centimeters for the roll gives good comfort during use.

Cleaning: The structure is easy to clean due to the quality of materials already mentioned.

Assembly: You hardly need 10 minutes to assemble the brush.

Stable: The base has high stability, so it does not move during everyday use.


Color: The white base breaks the product’s aesthetics a bit due to the change in tone concerning the arms.

Wenko Stand Set and toilet roll holder 

The Wenko 22512100 toilet brush with roll holder is another quality option to equip our bathroom. This product is made entirely of stainless steel both in its base and in the rest of the elements, giving an elegant touch to any bathroom in which you place it. 

The piece has a structure measuring 73 centimeters high by 30 centimeters in diameter at its base. In this structure, we have a cup for the brush with a handle and two hangers. One of them allows us to place the roll we are using, while the other has space to place up to four spare rolls and always have them at hand. 

Regarding the brush, the cleaning area has a diameter of 7.5 centimeters; you can also replace it when needed—characteristics of a resistant and quality proposal, which does not require much assembly.

Shower Squeegee Shower Doors Toilet Brush Buying Guide 2022

Although it is not among our cheap proposals, this Wenko model offers many exciting elements for your bathroom.


Roll holder: The product includes two roll holders, one for the roll in use and one for four spare rolls.

Material: The entire piece is high-quality and resistant to stainless steel.

Brush: The brush has a quality head, and you can replace it when necessary.


Instructions: The assembly instructions could be improved, although the process is quite intuitive.

Fitting: It is convenient to properly fit all the pieces to prevent movements in the brush holder once assembled.

original toilet brush

Shower Squeegee Shower Doors Toilet Brush Buying Guide 2022

Joy live Cy Toilet Brush Holder

For those who want an original toilet brush, the JoyliveCY K0814 model is an enjoyable solution. This product is shaped like a cherry, leaving the meeting partially hidden from view. 

A simple but quality option, which can be seen in details such as the thermoplastic rubber in the brush area, leaves your bathroom spotless and does not lose its cleaning capacity. The same goes for the handle, which does not bend or deteriorate over time. 

On the other hand, it is easy to clean from the outside, while its base of good quality and design also stays in place so as not to move when putting the brush in its holder. 

A model that is among the cheapest options on the market, being close to being the best value for money toilet brush we have chosen.

Please change the image of your bathroom with this fun cherry-shaped brush, as original as it is efficient.


Shape: Its shape is fun but efficient at keeping the brush hidden.

Handle: The non-slip handle makes it easy to move the brush comfortably and does not deteriorate with use.

Bristles: The bristles are tough on dirt but gentle on the toilet so as not to scratch the enamel.

Measurements: Its measurements are 39 centimeters high by 14 in diameter, suitable for small spaces.


Lid: The lid can be a bit annoying at times to clean due to the position in which it stays.

GHI Toilet Brush 

Although you may want to open this product and take a drink at first glance, the truth is that you would be disappointed. And it is that within this GHI model, we find a brush of good size and resistance to leaving your toilet spotless with comfort. 

It is true that its measurements, 39.6 centimeters high by 8.6 in diameter, are somewhat more extensive than those of a conventional bottle, but they are perfect for giving a special touch to a small bathroom. This original toilet brush is made of high-quality ABS plastic, so you won’t have any problems with dirt or cleaning, considering using any usual cleaner in bathroom sanitation. 

Some materials will also accompany you for quite some time without losing a detail of their appearance or finish.

Shower Squeegee Shower Doors Toilet Brush Buying Guide 2022

Although it is unclear which is the best current brand of toilet brushes, the truth is that this brand could be the most original.


Design: The design has a remarkable fidelity to an actual bottle, giving the product more quality.

Materials: The bottle is made of ABS plastic together with polypropylene in the part of the brush.

Size: It is a compact model and highly recommended for small bathrooms.


Design: The brush is not circular but flat, so its use is more complex than in other classic models.

Price: Its cost is somewhat higher than expected, given the product’s characteristics.

stainless steel toilet brush

Homemax’s Toilet Brush 

Metals are usually one of the best options when buying a brush. We have stainless steel, which offers easy cleaning and adequately withstands bathroom conditions. 

It is what we find in the Homemaxs 360 product, made entirely of this material, except obviously in the cleaning part, made with dense but flexible hairs. A material that has the advantage of cleaning without problems, without damaging the enamel of the toilet. 

This stainless steel toilet brush has a closed cup approach, thus preventing the proliferation of bacteria after use. The same happens with the base, designed adequately so that the meeting does not move. 

Otherwise, the model is compact, measuring 23.9 centimeters high by 10.9 in diameter, so it doesn’t draw much attention to itself in the bathroom either.

Shower Squeegee Shower Doors Toilet Brush Buying Guide 2022

If you are unsure which toilet brush to buy, betting on stainless steel is always intelligent.


Materials: High-quality stainless steel simplifies brush cleaning and extends its life.

Brush: The part of the brush has a very dense design and a material that cleans without scratching.

Assembly: Assembling it is as easy as fitting the pieces together and leaving them ready for use.


Interior: The interior is made of plastic, although at least it is removable, making it easier to clean.

Rubbing: It is advisable to be careful not to scratch the WC with the lid, as it can leave a mark on it.

Trump toilet brush

FunYun The Trump Toilet Brush

‘Make toilet great again. It is the motto of this particular Trump toilet brush, with a design in which the hair of this controversial politician serves to leave your toilet spotless without much effort. An approach where there is also a faithful reproduction of his body and face dressed in his suit serves as a union between the handle and the cleaning area. 

A toilet brushes that, jokes aside maintains the traditional design of the old toilet brush with a high-quality nylon construction, which cleans without scratching the toilet and is easy to clean when necessary. 

The model also has a length of about 33.8 centimeters, in line with this type of wiper blade’s usual size. So if you want to give a different touch to any bathroom, this product is a fun option to keep the bathroom clean.

If you don’t want to resort to the usual boring products, look at this original brush design.


Design: Without a doubt, the strong point of this product is its design that “tributes” to Donald Trump.

Materials: The brush has a plastic handle and good-quality nylon bristles.

Hanger: The slot in the handle makes it easy to hang the brush where you need it.


Glass: The product is not accompanied by the glass to place the brush, which you must buy separately.

Snag: It’s possible that “Trump’s feet” can make cleaning complex toilet spaces difficult.

other products

Pamela! stainless steel toilet brush holder

The Bambara model! BAM40153 is a traditional cutting solution made of high-quality stainless steel with a compact and elegant design. The product offers us 36.5 centimeters in length in the brush assembly and 10 centimeters in diameter in the base area, also made of this material.

Regarding the cleaning area, this has been made of high-quality black nylon, which cleans without damaging the toilet and is also easy to keep in good condition. If you need it, this brush area is removable and allows you to mount a replacement if necessary. 

Thanks to the quality of this proposal, it is straightforward to properly clean the brush itself and the handle so that they look good for longer.

Betting on materials such as stainless steel in this product is always a good idea to clean your toilet.


Materials: Due to its stainless steel construction, we are talking about an exquisite and light product in handling.

Measurements: The model has standard sizes, thus making it easy to clean the toilet.

Finish: The glossy finish adds an extra touch of elegance to the brush holder and its handle.


Cover: The brush does not have a body to prevent the escape of odor and humidity typical of use.

Durability: Conveniently, the glass does not take any blow to avoid this piece denting.

Jim’s Store Wall Mounted Toilet Brush

In those bathrooms where space is not abundant, it is interesting to have proposals like this wall-mounted toilet brush from Jim’s Store. This product saves space and gives a more elegant appearance to the bathroom thanks to supports embedded directly in the wall, using the standard plugs and screws. 

The cup’s design allows you to easily remove the brush and put it inside, leaving the lid closed without needing to touch either the meeting or the support for more excellent general health. However, if you prefer, you can also use it on the ground without problems. 

Both elements are made of good quality stainless steel, withstanding frequent use. The same quality is found in the head, screwable, and with good cleaning efficiency, which you can also replace whenever you want with ease.

Make better use of the space in your bathroom with this compact touch-free toilet brush.


Dual-use: The stand can be wall-mounted or traditionally placed on the floor.

No contact: The brush stays secured inside the holder without needing to touch anything.

Compact: It is an exciting proposal to use small bathrooms better.


Adhesive: If you mount it with the included adhesive, you should not do it on walls since you will take the paint with you.

Handling: You may need a few days to use the product and open and 

Ootb Fuchsia Toilet Brush 

Among the fun and original toilet brushes we find, we have the OOTB 71/3087 model. This represents a funny flamingo with a long neck and a black beak, with which we can not only clean our toilet but also give a different touch to the room. 

The product has been made entirely of plastic with a traditional white brush area, making it easy to leave the toilet free of dirt. The same material is used for the support, white and with a diameter of 12 centimeters. The brush has an approximate length of 40 centimeters, which is somewhat more significant than other options we have analyzed. 

A fun alternative to giving an original touch to any bathroom while not having difficulties cleaning the toilet.

Enjoy the fun company of this flamingo brush in your bathroom, which we analyze in detail below.


Design: Its fun design adds a playful touch to any bathroom.

Size: Its size is somewhat larger than other similar models, reaching a little further into the toilet.

Plastic: The plastic of the product has the adequate quality and makes it easy to maintain and clean the brush.


Functionality: Although the design is enjoyable, the shape of the handle complicates the product’s use a bit. 

Threaded: It is convenient to keep the area of ​​​​the brush well screwed to the handle to avoid deterioration.

shopping guide

The toilet brush is one of those objects that we always find in our bathroom. And although This work is thankless for the product, he is very grateful for us, as it helps us keep our toilet clean and safe. That is why it is essential to look at a guide to buying the best toilet brush to know what issues we should consider before buying one of these products. Keep reading, and you will know the problems that differentiate a regular purchase from an optimal proposal for your home.

brush design

To start with, let’s take a look at the product and its features. Thanks to the wide variety of options offered by the market, it is possible to find proposals ranging from the most traditional or classic designs to original and fun options. Starting with the former, we have the models with a brush and glass, which are generally placed on the ground and have a circular shape. However, some products can also be installed on the wall, which adds extra comfort and saves space in more closely sized bathrooms. In these latest models, the lid is not necessary, which is recommended in the models with a glass that we mentioned in the first place. 

As for the approach, the most traditional brushes have cylindrical handles and a classic finish in different materials that we will analyze in the next point. At the other extreme, we have the original products, with shapes of animals, plants, everyday objects, and many other elements to give a more carefree touch to the bathroom. 

Since we are talking about design, it is also essential to consider the brush’s measurements, both the base and the handle. Dimensions must be adjusted to the space available in the bathroom and the toilet to make cleaning more comfortable. It’s a matter of assessing what best fits our approach and our specific cleaning needs.

Manufacturing materials – Shower Squeegee Shower Doors Toilet Brush Buying Guide 2022

Another essential aspect when choosing one of these brushes is the materials with which the product has been manufactured. These materials influence aspects such as how much said brush costs, how easy it is to clean the toilet with the brush, or the durability it will offer us as we use it.

Many of these models are made of plastic of different qualities. It is the most recommended option to buy a good and economical toilet brush that is easy to clean and has adequate durability. If you prefer something more resistant, you can opt for stainless steel, which is used for the handles and glasses. This material does not deteriorate over time and is as light as it is elegant.

As for the cleaning area, which would be the brush itself, it is recommended that it be made of nylon or a similar material. These materials can adequately clean the toilet without scratching its structure. Something that is also possible with products made of other plastics, although its durability is not as high as that of the nylon that we have mentioned.

Other aspects of interest – Shower Squeegee Shower Doors Toilet Brush Buying Guide 2022

To close these tips to evaluate better any comparison of toilet brushes that falls into your hands, we summarize below some issues that should also be considered. Aspects are of minor importance, but they are also essential to help us decide.

One of these aspects is the interchangeability or not of the brush area. There are several products in which this part of the brush is screwed on, so the installed position of the meeting can be replaced with a new one if necessary.

 An excellent proposal to keep the blade in good condition without buying a new one. However, it is essential to verify if we will find spare parts comfortably for the specific model we have purchased.

Another critical issue is to verify that the product can be easily cleaned. In this aspect, good manufacturing quality is essential, supporting the chemicals used in this cleaning. Finally, it is worth looking at the assembly, which must guarantee that the brush is mounted comfortably and offers adequate resistance during use—something key in models with roll holders or more complex shapes.

9 Best Shower Drains Of 2022

For the drain to work correctly, you need an efficient and durable shower drain. Before building or renovating the bathroom, remember to select this product appropriately. It will save you problems over time and with use. Of course, the different models all have distinctive qualities to consider. Wirquin extra flat 90 mm has an anti-odor system, which will prevent the rise of stench from the gutters to the room. And with Nordon in stainless steel, you’ll enjoy a model that won’t rust for long life.

purchase guide – Shower Squeegee Shower Doors Toilet Brush Buying Guide 2022

It does not seem obvious initially, but this article has several important roles. It is why it must be selected carefully. This buying guide for the best shower drains will provide you with the information you need to make a wise choice.

The type

Admittedly, the function always remains the same. However, there are several types currently available in the market. Among the most purchased is the central model. It can be found on every price comparator, mainly thanks to its cost accessible to all. It offers vertical or horizontal evacuation, depending on the specimen. Its design also allows you to maintain it quite easily. But you should know that its bargain price usually comes with a low flow.

Then there is the siphon drain. It integrates a siphon into a system without taking up much space. But thanks to its manufacture, it offers a fast evacuation, with an average of 30 l per minute, or even more. Cleaning is a little more complicated, as it must be completely disassembled to access the interior effectively.

Finally, you will also find the shower drain on the market. Made with a rectangular gutter shape, it sinks into the receiver. This item offers quite a sleek design with high water flow. Of course, its quality comes at a reasonably high price.

Flow and evacuation – Shower Squeegee Shower Doors Toilet Brush Buying Guide 2022

Specimens are offering a vertical evacuation. The water will therefore go straight into the pipe, passing through the drain, but in a single direction, straight. A horizontal model usually has a siphon with a cup that receives the water before pouring it out to the side.

Depending on the type and the drain, the flow rate may change. But on average, the specimens offer 0.4 l/sec. The quantity of liquid passing through the bung will range from 25 to 36 l per minute. Remember that your comfort depends on it. It would be better to take a performing article.

The height – Shower Squeegee Shower Doors Toilet Brush Buying Guide 2022

For this feature, it all depends on the gap between the receiver and the pipe. The installation of your exhaust system has a significant impact on the selection. For the lowest, it will suffice to obtain a siphon plug. The latter has a maximum height of 6 cm. It makes installation more accessible but also reduces the work required if you install the first shower in the house.

The central drains have a more extended length. On average, we reach 7 or 8 cm. Due to its height, the installation may be a little more complicated, especially if the pipe below is not stable.

But we still find some with a greater length because some have a size of 110 mm. The installation requires the intervention of a professional with adequate equipment. Of course, you can also take the advice of a plumber or someone experienced in the field and do the job yourself.

The material of manufacture

Among the criteria not to be overlooked, there is also the material. There are several kinds. The most common is ABS, which is rigid plastic. He is not afraid of the high temperature of the water or the chemicals that will be used to clean the channels to unclog them. It brings a modern touch to the whole.

Then comes the stainless steel. It consists of steel treated not to rust and not to give in to corrosion. This one stands out for its robustness but also for the chic appearance it offers. You will find that the upper element is a grid to be removed as you wish to clean the siphon inside quickly.

More expensive and stylish, we can also mention models designed with an aluminum or wooden coating. We are mainly talking about shower drains. The elegance of these will bring an original and pleasant touch to your receiver.

The diameter – Shower Squeegee Shower Doors Toilet Brush Buying Guide 2022

Remember that the height, material, and type change for each manufacturer. Because of this, the diameter of the shower drain also varies. Of course, even belonging to different firms, the receiver, and the siphon can fit together. Indeed, there are standards for this characteristic, which allows you to make a mixture to obtain a performing system.

First, check your evacuation by taking its diameter to select this criterion properly. Then you can choose between the shower drains on the market. You will find models at 40, 50, 60, and 90mm.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How does a shower drain work? What is it for?

This item usually has a siphon. It allows the water that has already been used to be evacuated without the risk of backflow. Indeed, once the liquid passes through this element, it can generally no longer rise. The cup inside serves as a guard. The latter has holes at the lip, thus allowing the water to be circulated.

A mechanical barrier is also found in this system. Its role is to prevent any solid matter from entering the pipes. Small things, rubbish, and the like that pass through the grid will therefore not be able to pass because they risk clogging the entire duct. It then generated work much more important than simple maintenance of the siphon.

Q2: How to disassemble a shower drain?

Whether you have the cheapest shower drain or an expensive item, dismantling is almost always done the same way. To begin, remove the cover that hides the product. Then pull hard enough to peel it off the catcher. Of course, avoid overdoing it so as not to damage it.

Then all you have to do is remove the screw that connects the ring and the evacuation system. After that, you can perform deep maintenance or replace this model if it has any non-repairable damage.

Q3: How to install a new shower drain?

Once you have removed the old plug, you must start placing the new one. To do this, lay the gaskets. You have to put it above, but also below. Perform a short test to see if there are any leaks, then proceed to the next step. Insert the entire body into the receiver’s hole, making it fit with the pipe. Then place the screw and tighten as much as possible. Be careful not to force it, as you may damage the pitch. 

Before finishing, for plenty of water into the drain to see if the water is not coming out of the joints; if you notice a leak, dry it off and use a fungicidal sanitary sealant to seal these gaps. You can also use it to attach the drain to the receiver. All you have to do is put the cover on.

Q4: How to clean a shower drain?

In some cases, a simple chemical product is enough to unclog and remove the deposits on the internal walls of the drain. But to ensure the quality of the maintenance, remove this element in its entirety. Make a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar, then spread it all over the parts to be scoured (interior and exterior).

Use a toothbrush for this step. Wait at least half an hour for the product to take effect. Then finish by basting it with 100°C (boiling) water. All you have to do is wait for this item to cool down to put it back in place.

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