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Purrfect Gabby’s Dollhouse Toys for Girls 2023

Purrfect Gabby's Dollhouse Toys for Girls 2023

Purrfect Gabby’s Dollhouse Toys for Girls 2023

Gabby’s Dollhouse’, the children’s series that Netflix premieres in January

The streaming platform Netflix will premiere the mixed series Gabby’s Dollhouse on January 5. One of the two series that Dreamworks TV has not yet launched and that should have premiered in November 2020. A series for the little ones starring a girl named Gabby and that will have surprises such as its little inhabitants, some very loving kittens.

Season 1 of Gabby’s Dollhouse will premiere worldwide on Netflix this Tuesday, January 5, 2021. An animated series for the little ones that will surely become one of the premieres of this new year for children. The premiere of this series was delayed, but it can finally be enjoyed this year on Netflix.

The series comes to Netflix as part of the expansive Dreamworks TV deal that closed in 2013. Production of animated series for Netflix still persists, although they are currently making a smart turn towards series based on Universal films such as The Fast and the Furious or Jurassic World. Several series for the little ones were also in the deal, such as Gabby’s Dollhouse and Go, Dog or ¡Vamos! that have not yet been released.

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Gabby's Dollhouse, Transforming Garden Treehouse Playset with...
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Gabby's Dollhouse, Primp and Pamper Bathroom with Mercat Figure,...
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Gabby's Dollhouse, 8-inch Gabby Girl Doll, Kids Toys for Ages 3...
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Tara Toys DreamWorks Gabby's Dollhouse Necklace Set
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a funny series

Gabby’s Haunted House

The mixed series (combines the images of the protagonists and the animation) Gabby’s Dollhouse is based on children’s toys and is on the Gabby & Friends YouTube channel. This channel is already known by many children as it has about 28,700 subscribers, and many of its videos currently have more than 4 million views.

Gabby’s Dollhouse will be one of the children’s series offered by the Netflix catalog, but this streaming platform has others in its catalog, such as Spirit riding free, which already has four seasons.

TrollshuntersKulipari: The Frog Army or Skylander Academy. These children’s animation series have become essential for many children since they do not depend on any schedule, and they can watch the episodes whenever they want.

good entertainment

Children’s animated series are good entertainment for the little ones but also a good opportunity for them to learn values ​​such as friendship, solidarity, or the fight against bullying. Young viewers often feel identified with the behaviors and attitudes of their favorite characters.

In addition, they have other benefits for the little ones and are perfect for developing language, abstract thinking, imagination, and the ability to put themselves in another’s place. Parents should always be attentive to what their children are watching and check that these children’s series are suitable for them.

Children’s series are usually shorter and do not last more than 30 minutes, and are usually the favorites of the little ones. Finding good children’s series is often a challenge for parents and educators. Gabby’s Dollhouse episodes don’t last more than half an hour, about 20 or 25 minutes.

Gabby’s Dollhouse

This animated series is designed exclusively for the little ones. A series that mixes people with cartoons, and each episode unboxes a surprise and jumps into an animated world full of adorable kittens. These amazing characters live inside Gabby’s Dollhouse and will captivate children with their adventures. Anything can happen in this fun dollhouse!

The protagonist, a girl named Gabby, and her adorable kittens explore a fantastic dollhouse full of wonderful mini-worlds in the series. In every corner of the house, the little spectators will find a new and fun surprise. Characters such as Pandy, Cakey, Kitty Fairy, DJ Catnip, Baby Box, and Mercat appear in the series.

Gabby’s Dollhouse is reminiscent of the animated series Blue‘s Clues, which was an American children’s television show that aired on Nickelodeon in 1996, and ran until August 6. Blue’s Clues is about a little blue dog. Who, together with his owner Steve (Joe, from season 4), must decipher different mysteries in each chapter, looking for clues.

Purrfect Gabby’s Dollhouse Toys for Girls 2023

Good voice cast

The Gabby’s Dollhouse series is created and executive produced by Traci Paige Johnson (Blue’s Clues, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood) and Jennifer Twomey (Blue’s Clues, Team Umizoomi); the series’ voice cast includes Laila Lockhart Kraner as Gabby, Tucker Chandler as Pandy Paws, Juliet Donenfeld as Cakey, Maggie Lowe as Baby Box, and Donovan Patton as Carat.

A very fun series in which Gabby and her adorable kittens will surprise the little ones with their fun experiments and adventures starting on January 5. It is fun entertainment for children for the remaining days of vacation.

Do you want to surprise your children by visiting some of the best toy stores in New York?

Although Toys’R’us and its giant Ferris wheel are now histories, we have a thousand and one original stores for all ages in the city.

Today we will show you the most famous toy stores in New York and other businesses that do not usually appear in the guides and exude magic. To play!

Prepare a unique family trip with our guides! Here you have more than 100 ideas for visiting the Big Apple with children.

The Camp toy store

The 11 Best Toy Stores in New York

  • 11 New York Toy Stores
    • Camp
    • FAO Schwarz
    • Lego Store
    • Harry Potter Store
    • Michael’s
    • American Girl
    • Build-A-Bear Workshop
    • Disney Store
    • Line Friends
    • Nintendo new york
    • Gamestop – ThinkGeek
  • board game stores
  • Candy stores that also sell toys
  • New York bookstores to visit with children
  • costume shops
  • neighborhood toy stores
  • Map of New York Toy Stores



This toy store, with stores on 5th Avenue, Hudson Yards, and Downtown Brooklyn, promises magic.

After crossing a secret door, you and your little ones will enter a game room where everything is possible: slides, remote-controlled cars, bubbles, and space to run up and down.

The experiences change and are usually paid (you have them all on their website), although, in the store, they sell clothes, toys, and accessories selected with great care.


Soldiers will welcome you to this iconic New York toy store, which now makes its home in Rockefeller Center, in the same building where the Top of the Rock stands.

FAO Schwarz’s flagship is its cuddly toys, so soft you’d take them all home, but we also love their wooden construction sets.

But in the store, you will find sections for all tastes: you can adopt a doll, buy an experiment kit for little scientists, stuff a Build-a-Bear teddy bear, buy toy food and games from the great Melissa & Doug, get all kinds of Barbies And don’t forget to play the piano inspired by the movie ‘Big’ with your feet!


Nothing to unleash the imagination like these building blocks, right? Lego has two toy stores in New York: one very close to the Flatiron building and one in Rockefeller Center, which opened in 2021 and is spectacular.

There you can buy construction sets, classic or unique editions, and loose pieces of all colors to shape any object or person your children imagine.

But in addition, you will see detailed replicas of places like Rockefeller Center or the Statue of Liberty made from Lego blocks.

If you are traveling as a family, you can visit the Legoland amusement park in New York, at about 1:30 am, from the city.


A Harry Potter store in New York? Yes! If you or your little ones are fans of the saga, you have also jumped for joy like us when reading it.

The Harry Potter Store, New York’s official Harry Potter store, is near the Flatiron Building and Madison Square.

It has three floors dedicated to all the saga material you can imagine: clothes, magic wands, chocolate bars, trinkets, And even objects that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Purrfect Gabby’s Dollhouse Toys for Girls 2023


Michael’s is not one of New York’s toy stores (although it does have a toy section), but rather a supermarket for craft and DIY supplies. But it is one of those unexpected places that children enjoy as much as adults.

And they sell everything and more for your little ones’ projects: thousands of stickers, notebooks, colors, agendas, craft kits, and clothes. Creativity to the max!

In addition, it is one of the best stores in New York to buy materials related to each season and festivity since they sell everything you can imagine and more for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and the 4th of July.


If your little ones like dolls and you want to buy them a special gift, American Girl at Rockefeller Center is your place.

In this store, children can choose one of their famous dolls or customize one (you can select boys or girls, with or without glasses, with any skin color, hairstyle, or accessory.

Then, they can buy clothes to go with their doll. But that’s not all: in the store, there is a hairdresser and spa for dolls where they can do their hair, paint their nails, and pierce their ears.

The only drawback of this New York toy store is that it is costly: the dolls cost over $150, and the accessories go up in price.


Build-A-Bear is a personalized teddy bear factory: your children can choose a furry companion, see how they stuff it and add a little heart, dress it in the clothes they want and even add a sound or scent to it.

In addition to the typical animals, they also sell popular characters, such as Baby Yoda. They are more affordable than American Girl dolls (between stuffed animals and accessories, cost about $40 – $50 ), and they are sure not to come off the whole trip.

The brand has a store next to the Empire State Building and another inside FAO Schwarz. Two New York toy stores in one!


The Disney store in New York, in the heart of Times Square, is a mandatory stop if you love its movies and characters at home.

Downstairs you’ll find the latest collections and stuffed animals of all the characters, but don’t forget to head upstairs, where everything from Disney princesses to Marvel superheroes to the lovable Baby Yoda awaits.


The Line characters began as stickers for the messaging application, but they became so popular that today they are the stars of all kinds of merchandise.

And they even have a store in the middle of Times Square, where you can take a photo with a giant Brown bear or buy stuffed animals, notebooks, t-shirts, or dolls of all the characters.


Are you more of Super Mario or Animal Crossing? In the Nintendo store in New York, in Rockefeller Center, you will find all kinds of material from your favorite games.

From stuffed animals or Pokémon figurines to Super Mario hats, this is one of the New York toy stores for video game fans.


Another great store for gamers and collectors is Gamestop-ThinkGeek, close to Herald Square.

The top floor is an average Gamestop store, where they sell new and second-hand games. But the lower floor belongs to ThinkGeek and is dedicated to geek objects from a thousand and one video games, comics, and movies, from Funkos to T-shirts.


We’ll never understand why board game stores are often left off New York toy store lists. We’d buy everything ourselves!

In these stores, you will find games for children (and adults) and role-playing games or card games if your children are a little older. In addition, they also organize game sessions.

Our favorites are:

  • The Uncommons (Greenwich Village, Manhattan). In addition to a store, there is also a game cafeteria where you can sit down, play, and pay on time.
  • The Complete Strategist  (Midtown East, Manhattan).
  • Twenty-Sided Store (Williamsburg, Brooklyn).
  • The Brooklyn Strategist (Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn).
  • Last Place on Earth (Greenpoint, Brooklyn). In addition to a store, it has a cafeteria and tables to play at.
  • Chess Forum  (Greenwich Village, Manhattan). The only surviving classic chess shop in the Village, where they sell boards of all kinds.


Although they are not New York toy stores, these candy stores are also ideal for visiting with the family. And in all of them, they sell stuffed animals, toys or gifts for little ones.

  • M&M’s World. In the M&M store, one of the most famous in Times Square, you can buy these chocolates in all their forms and thousands of stuffed animals and objects related to them and New York.
  • Sour Patch Kids. Have you ever tried these sour candies in the form of dolls? In SoHo, you can visit a store dedicated entirely to them.
  • Economy Candy. This little Lower East Side store is packed with candy and small toys.

Have we whetted your appetite? Please go through our guide to candy stores in New York and discover many more!


What better memory of your trip to the Big Apple than a story or a book? We love these bookstores:

  • Books of Wonder (Flatiron District, Manhattan). In this children’s bookstore, you will find thousands of titles for readers of all ages, from babies to teenagers.
  • Forbidden Planet  (Union Square, Manhattan). Children who like comics and graphic novels will love this famous comic shop.
  • Although it is focused on adults, they sell all kinds of comics, board games, figurines, and collectible dolls.

All New York bookstores we compile here have children’s sections. Save them on the map and go through your favorites! Purrfect Gabby’s Dollhouse Toys for Girls 2023

Books of Wonder children’s bookstore


  • Halloween Adventure. This costume store is gigantic, and every inch of the wall is covered in every mask, wig, and prop you can imagine. Recommended for older children (the little ones may be scared since there are quite a few gore costumes).
  • Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. Ready to become a superhero? In this Brooklyn store, you can buy a basic kit with a mask, cape, and equipment to hide your identity or all kinds of accessories for your alter ego.


Finally, here we collect some of the toy stores where New Yorkers usually buy.

They may not stand out for their aesthetics like big box stores like FAO Schwarz, but they sell everything your kids could want and more. Do not hesitate to enter if you pass through any of these neighborhoods!

  • Greenpoint Toy Store  (Greenpoint, Brooklyn). Our favorite toy store in New York: they have everything at a reasonable price.
  • Mary Arnold Toys  (Upper East Side, Manhattan). Despite being in business for almost a century, this store is continually modernized and sells toys and accessories for little ones.
  • Mini Jake  (Williamsburg, Brooklyn). This store will find the latest trends in toys, accessories, and clothing for children and babies from slightly more expensive brands.
  • Acorn Toy Shop  (Boerum Hill, Brooklyn). Another New York toy store for parents looking for sustainable materials and unique toys or clothing.
  • You are kidding. Around  (Manhattan). One of the toy stores in New York where you can buy wooden pieces, sets, and all kinds of toys.

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Purrfect Gabby’s Dollhouse Toys for Girls 2023

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