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Home » Corner Unit TV Stands Living Room 55 inch tv Furniture 2023

Corner Unit TV Stands Living Room 55 inch tv Furniture 2023

Corner Unit TV Stands Living Room 55 inch tv Furniture 2023

Corner Unit TV Stands Living Room 55 inch tv Furniture 2023

What will you find in this post?

  • Advantages of tv stands
  • What should I ask myself before buying a tv stand?
  • Types of tv stand
  • fixed support
  • tilt stand
  • rail support
  • Types of support for TV with greater freedom of movement
  • arm stand
  • swivel mount
  • VESA size

Although it seems like a complicated world to know what types of tv support there are, relax! If you have already gone through the fascinating decision of which television to buy, this will seem like a matter of sewing and singing, a little word from My Electro!

If, on the contrary, they are also debating you about which television to buy, here we leave you the five top-selling televisions.

Advantages of tv stands

The first thing you should know is that buying a TV stand is a great decision:

  • It improves the television experience.
  • It helps us reduce neck and vision problems that may arise.
  • It is essential for a correct visualization.

However, we should ask ourselves a series of questions before buying support.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Walker Edison Maxwell Classic 2 Shelf Corner TV Stand for TVs up...
31,133 Reviews
Walker Edison Maxwell Classic 2 Shelf Corner TV Stand for TVs up...
  • Dimensions: 23.375” H x 15.75” D x 58” L,...
  • Top surface supports up to 150 Ibs. and shelves...
  • 2 adjustable shelves for customizable organization
  • Supports TVs up to 65”
  • 4 cord management ports keep cables tidy
SaleBestseller No. 2
Walker Edison Modern Farmhouse Wood Corner Universal TV Stand for...
3,780 Reviews
Walker Edison Modern Farmhouse Wood Corner Universal TV Stand for...
  • For TVs up to 48”
  • Adjustable Shelving
  • Includes two holes for cord management
  • Made from high-grade certified MDF for...
  • Product dimensions – 44” L x 15.75” D x...
Bestseller No. 3
ROCKPOINT Modern Farmhouse 44inch Corner Universal TV Stand...
3,790 Reviews
ROCKPOINT Modern Farmhouse 44inch Corner Universal TV Stand...
  • TV stand media storage console in a space-saving...
  • Made of high-grade MDF and durable laminate; rich,...
  • Accommodates most TVs up to 50 inches; solid and...
  • Double doors with tempered safety glass panes;...
  • Ships ready-to-assemble with step-by-step...
Bestseller No. 4
Allewie 58' Farmhouse Corner TV Stand for TVs Up to 65 Inches,...
215 Reviews
Allewie 58" Farmhouse Corner TV Stand for TVs Up to 65 Inches,...
  • VERSATILE DESIGN: This media storage cabinet can...
  • LARGE STORAGE CAPACITY: With four open storage...
  • STURDY & DURABLE: Top surface supports up to 200...
  • Four cord management ports keep cables tidy.
  • Ships ready to assemble with step-by-step...
SaleBestseller No. 5
Walker Edison Alcott Classic Glass Door Fireplace Corner TV Stand...
4,222 Reviews
Walker Edison Alcott Classic Glass Door Fireplace Corner TV Stand...
  • Dimensions: 32” H x 20” D x 47.25” L,...
  • Top surface supports up to 100 Ibs. and 4...
  • Supports TVs up to 55” and includes cord...
  • Fireplace display and heat can be operated...
  • Plug-in fireplace; no electrician required
Bestseller No. 6
Amerlife Corner TV Stand for TV's up to 48', 44 Inch Modern...
248 Reviews
Amerlife Corner TV Stand for TV's up to 48", 44 Inch Modern...
  • Dimensions: 30" H x 44" W x 18" D. For flat curved...
  • Space-Saving: Features storage cabinet with double...
  • Exquisite Rustic Design: Antique brass finish...
  • Long-lasting Construction: Crafted from high-grade...
  • Excellent Cord Management: The entertainment...
Bestseller No. 7
Furinno Turn-N-Tube Easy Assembly 4-Tier Petite Entertainment...
4,638 Reviews
Furinno Turn-N-Tube Easy Assembly 4-Tier Petite Entertainment...
  • Simple stylish design: Tv stand with display...
  • Material: engineered wood
  • Fits in your space, fits on your budget
  • Sturdy on flat surface. Easy no tool assembly,...
  • Hold TVs up to 32 inches.
Bestseller No. 8
WAMPAT Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 55”, Farmhouse Corner...
  • 【FARMHOSE TV CORNER STAND】Featured with...
  • 【Sturdy Frame】 The TV Corner Cabinet is made...
  • 【Powerful Cable Management】Cable management...
  • 【Ample Storage Space】There are height...
  • 【Dimension&Service】Corner TV Stand Dimension:...
SaleBestseller No. 9
YOMT TV Floor Stand for 27 to 65 inch TVs Universal Floor Mount...
378 Reviews
YOMT TV Floor Stand for 27 to 65 inch TVs Universal Floor Mount...
  • ✔️ UNIVERSAL TV STAND : YOMT TV floor stand...
  • ✔️ STURDY AND ATTRACTIVE: Thanks for the...
  • ✔️ SPACE SAVING TV STAND: The standing tv...
  • ✔️ EASY INSTALLATION: Comes with detailed...
SaleBestseller No. 10
Rfiver Swivel Glass TV Stand with Mount for 32-70 Inch Flat or...
967 Reviews
Rfiver Swivel Glass TV Stand with Mount for 32-70 Inch Flat or...
  • 【FITS 32"-70" TVS】 -- It looks high tech and...
  • 【SWIVEL & HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT】 --This sleek...
  • 【HEAVY DUTY TV STAND】 --Solid as a rock and...
  • 【CORNER MOUNT SOLUTIONS】 --You are looking for...
  • 【5 YEARS WORRY-FREE WARRANTY】 --To ensure your...

What should I ask myself before buying a tv stand?

Before you begin, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where are you going to put the TV? – You can choose between attached to the wall, that can be rotated to see from another room, that can be tilted to prevent reflections from being created…
  • How much does your TV weigh – Not all walls support installing all types of TV mounts. If it is a solid and solid surface, you will not have problems, but if it is plasterboard, for example, a technician must check it beforehand.

Once you have reviewed these two points, we will see what types of tv support you have available.

Types of tv stand

Let’s get down to business!

fixed support

They are the perfect choice to place your TV in a central place.

The most relevant advantage is that they offer a more harmonious aesthetic in the living room and are cheaper and easier to install.

TV support Gisan AX.104

tilt stand

It is ideal if we want to place our television where it receives direct light. This way, we can regulate it to counteract reflections without a problem.

In general, they can be tilted 15º vertically.

Our recommendation is to bet on one like this if your idea is to put it in places such as the bedroom to see it from the bed or, as we mentioned before, when it would be subject to reflections or bright light.

Ultimate RX-80 Tilting TV Stand

rail support

This support allows you to reduce the space between the TV and the wall, which favors a much more harmonious appearance. In addition, it is tiltable and can be installed on plasterboard partitions.

Support One for All WM4411

At this point, we want to recommend One for All mounts, known for their ability to ensure the stability and integrity of the TV.

Corner Unit TV Stands Living Room 55 inch tv Furniture 2023

Types of support for TV with greater freedom of movement

In this section, we want to discuss TV mounts with arms and swivels; let’s go there!

arm stand

Suppose we want to have the option of a more significant television movement. In that case, we need support with an arm, which will give us more excellent opening, distance from the wall and versatility.

They are ideal because they allow us to make the most of the viewing options and, in turn, of the space, we have available at home.

Support One for All WM4450

swivel mount

You can also find it with the name of full motion.

It allows you total freedom of movement:

  • 180º horizontally
  • 20º vertically

It is 100% advisable if we want to place it in a corner, for example, or if we need to watch TV from different rooms.

Support One for All WM2251

Remember that, whichever you choose, you must previously consult the type of wall in which you will install it to see if it is compatible.

VESA size

To finish, it is worth making a brief review of a critical specification: the VESA size.

It is nothing more than the distance between the four specific mounting holes on the back of the TV.

Do not forget to measure the distance from left to right and from top to bottom because that will give you the VESA size your mount needs.

For example, if we have a television with a distance between holes of 600 mm from left to right and 400 mm from top to bottom, we will obtain that the VESA size is 600×400 (we would be dealing with televisions up to 84″). Do not forget that the TV VESA determines the size of the support!

Now that you know all this, if you want to delve even more profound, we leave you this post on how to hang a television on the wall.

How to install tv mounts? It is one of the most common questions asked of our technicians and installers, and although it says a lot on the Internet on this subject, there are things that only they know how to do when performing an installation.

TV stands have increased due to their benefits for home decoration, comfort, safety and the ease they provide when locating our devices in places with little space.

If you have come this far, you have already seen many TV stands and even chosen one of the great varieties that exist. But, no matter which one you have chosen, there are some tips that our most specialized technicians always give when they take home support, and the client does not require its installation. Corner Unit TV Stands Living Room 55 inch tv Furniture 2023

Let’s see what it is about installing tv mounts.

Content of this article

  • Prepare the installation surface.
  • Install the mount for the TV
  • Tips and advice for installing tv mounts
  • Put your TV on the stand.
  • What comes after installing a tv mount?
  • the wiring

Prepare the installation surface.

Yes, it seems like a no-brainer, but you can’t imagine how many calls we get every day for new installations because someone didn’t check the surface, and it wasn’t solid enough. Installing TV mounts isn’t just about hanging your TV on the wall; it’s about making a secure installation so your TV will last as long as you want it to.

Before installing a tv mount:

  1. Make sure what type of surface will be drilled; if it is plaster, wood or concrete surface, you must use a different drill bit and a different drilling mode. It is also essential to evaluate if the feeling is hollow and if it supports the weight of the television and the support.
  2. Evaluate that the drilling site is safe; often, we do not know the plans for installing electricity cables, gas pipes or even water. Make sure you will not drill where you will cause costly damage.
  3. Prepare your safety utensils for work, ensure your eyes are protected and use anti-cut gloves, percussion drill, bits, chaos and screws in good condition. A perfect tv mount installation depends on it.
  4. Evaluate the viewing angles of your television and the mobility of the support; if the license is fixed, make sure that the image is going to be seen well; If the consent is mobile, I could cover more viewing angles when moving it, but you do not want that once the support is installed, you realize that it obstructs a door or is touched by the sun’s rays.

Locating the TV in an appropriate place is extremely important for your safety.

At this point, you should have already chosen support compatible with your television; if not, you can contact us, and we will tell you how to take the measures to know what type of support you can buy. Don’t worry; at My Support, we have all kinds of TV mounts that are compatible with the vast majority of brands on the market. You will indeed find what you are looking for with us.

Install the mount for the TV

We come to an interesting point, how to install tv mounts.

Not that it is something from another world, but when you have done as many installations as we have, believe us, you will realize that it has its science.

  1. Identify the support parts; one is fixed to the surface, and another is set to the television. We have to ensure that the part nailed to the wall is installed correctly and aligned, this will make the vision optimal, and the holes in the wall and support coincide with a well-framed television.
  2. Take the measurements well; it is perhaps one of the essential parts of installing tv mounts and often the most difficult. Our expert installers know these measurements by knowing which support they will install. Still, in your case, you must use the manufacturer’s sketch, calculate the height of the TV, draw the holes you will make with a marker or pencil and calculate the distances well.
  3. Start drilling; once the measurements have been taken and the holes to be drilled marked, it is time to prepare the holes. Make all the necessary holes, and remember that a lousy fastening can cause an accident with your television or the people living in your home.
  4. Fix the bracket to the wall or surface by screwing it well to the end. Use the screws provided by the manufacturer of the frame or make sure you use good quality ones; some generic screws can become twisted over time or come loose with a hit or lousy movement of the tv. Corner Unit TV Stands Living Room 55 inch tv Furniture 2023

Tips and advice for installing tv mounts

  • If the support is fixed, keep enough space for the television wiring.
  • The depth of the holes made with the drill must be equivalent to that of the chaos or plugs; this will provide a better fastening of the support to the surface.
  • Safety pegs are helpful for some unstable surfaces, such as wood, plaster, or adobe.
  • Some people use wooden boards to help support the TV’s weight because the surface is not strong enough; it is not recommended, but if you want to do it, make sure you fix it well with additional screws.
  • If you doubt the television will be unstable once you finish placing the support, you can do weight tests. Our expert installers sometimes use backpacks to simulate twice the TV’s weight.

Put your TV on the stand.

Placing or installing the TV on the bracket is sometimes the most accessible part; it is a matter of matching the holes of the frame that is fixed to the wall with the one that is set to the TV and then tightening the screw until it is permanent.

  • If the support is fixed, you will often find that you only have to slide it through the selected asset to the wall.
  • If the support is mobile or tilting, we often have to screw it. Remember to do it so that it is not loose or forcing the screw grooves, as they can be damaged. I think we should not say this because it is pronounced, but you should help yourself with another person if you do not have enough experience.

Whether it is fixed or mobile support, we advise you to look at the manufacturer’s instructions for its installation.

That’s it; you already have your TV installed and have learned how to install TV mounts.

What comes after installing a tv mount?

Since we have finished the most complicated part, now comes the amount we almost always forget after installing tv mounts. The aesthetics in the installation of support is fundamental for us in the company, that is why we think it is essential to give you some advice after installing your support.

the wiring – Corner Unit TV Stands Living Room 55 inch tv Furniture 2023

Wiring is one of the leading aesthetic problems when installing tv mounts. We must face the fact that we have TV power cables, TV signal decoders, game consoles, the Internet in Smart TVs, the sound system and some others that sometimes are too many.

But don’t worry; here are three other useful tips for wiring after installing tv mounts :

  • If the support is fixed and you have left space for the cables, you can use channels to hide the wires.
  • You can use clamps, plastic ties or bands (as you know them). There are colors, and some are even decorative and do not look bad at all.
  • You can install furniture for the wall TV so that you will have a place for the decoders, you can hide the cables, and they will also serve as decoration in the home.

conclusionInstalling TV mounts may not be something to write home about, but as you can see, it’s a bit of a science. Although we made this article thinking of helping you install tv mounts by yourself, if you have no experience with drilling or drilling, we recommend that the installation be done by a professional.

In my support, we make free technical visits, take the help directly to your home so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs, leave it installed with all the safety standards of our Safe Home ally, and give you an installation guarantee.

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Corner Unit TV Stands Living Room 55 inch tv Furniture 2023

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