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Home » 7 Best All You Need to Know About Coffered Ceiling 2022

7 Best All You Need to Know About Coffered Ceiling 2022

7 Best All You Need to Know About Coffered Ceilings 2022

7 Best All You Need to Know About Coffered Ceiling 2022

As part of a renovation or new construction, installing a coffered ceiling can be useful. Whether it is used to conceal technical ducts or acts as sound insulation, the coffered ceiling becomes a decorative element in its own right, best exploited by architects and interior designers who rely on its ability to fit in any room of the house. To choose the type that suits your needs, understand its implementation, and know the prices for supply and installation, discover the recommendations of two professionals from Côté Maison Projets, Camille Thomas, and Aurélie Nicolas, respectively interior designers and architects.

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If you plan to install a coffered ceiling in your interior, some notions and advice will undoubtedly be welcome. As with all work, it is better to think about the question before starting. Why install a coffered ceiling? What type of coffered ceiling to choose, depending on the needs and the room concerned? How much does it cost to install a false ceiling? How to take care of the aesthetic rendering of the false ceiling? The following answers should guide you to achieve the best success of your project in full knowledge of the facts. 

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The different types of suspended ceilings on the market

When it comes to coffered ceilings, you have two choices: the suspended coffered ceiling, the most commonly used, and the stretched false ceiling. The latter, although it tends to develop, is rarely implemented. Unlike the suspended coffered ceiling, it takes the form of a thermoplastic fabric called Velum, fixed to the ceiling using rails. A heat source is then used to stretch said fabric. Its aesthetic rendering is suitable for modern interiors, and its installation cost is generally higher than that of a suspended coffered ceiling. The latter is particularly interesting because it is widely acclaimed during renovations or new constructions. Private homes. On a metal structure, plates of different natures are fixed (Placo®, PVC, wood, textile, water-repellent, etc.) to create a void – called a plenum – between the existing and the coffered ceiling. A more economical solution, the suspended coffered ceiling allows, among other things, to pass the electrical ducts, for example, in the plenum. 

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Identify the need to choose the appropriate coffered ceiling.

Architects and interior designers recommend that the coffered ceiling first responds to a technical need. It hides the “electrical ducts, ventilation networks, and sometimes even the plumbing,” explain our two planning professionals. Camille Thomas specifies that “its size varies – between 10 and 20 cm – depending on the number of networks to pass through it”. The materials used in this case are mainly Placo®, PVC, or wood. As part of a renovation, installing a coffered ceiling is an economical solution that saves time: it is a way to re-supply an entire apartment without going through the partitions. Useless in this case.” 

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The coffered ceiling is ideal for passing the electrical networks, especially in the kitchen. Directed by Camille Thomas

7 Best All You Need to Know About Coffered Ceiling 2022

More FX Architect

The coffered ceiling also acts as thermal and sound insulation in a poorly insulated apartment or house. It thus protects against noise from the upper floors and reinforces the interior insulation. To meet this need, the false ceiling tiles are treated in more technical materials, which generally cost more. In a living room that would resonate a lot, or in a tiled bathroom, the idea is to use “a coffered ceiling made of micro-perforations which constitute sound traps,” specifies Camille Thomas. In addition to this material, “textile-covered panel systems also have sound-absorbing properties.” 

The room in which it is installed naturally determines the choice of a coffered ceiling. This rule is particularly valid in the rooms of water (bathroom, WC) and the kitchen, where choosing a water-repellent suspended ceiling is recommended, protecting from humidity. Be aware, however, that the rails, whatever the type of false ceiling, also have this property; the tightness is thus doubled. 

The coffered ceiling must be water-repellent in the bathroom, especially on the shower side. Directed by Aurélie Nicolas Atelier d’ar(t)chitecture

Pascal Simonin

In addition to its technical aspects, the coffered ceiling is, more than ever, an aesthetic response to interior living problems. In the context of a renovation, it can be used “to hide the imperfections of the ceiling,” particularly if it is damaged, thus avoiding having to take up the existing ceiling, explains Aurélie Nicolas. Be careful; however, it is always better to start the work soundly! Making a coffered ceiling allows you to break the height for rooms that do not have a lot of surfaces but have very high ceilings. From an aesthetic point of view, it can also be an option “to delimit spaces, create an alcove or a box around an area, thus creating a cocoon,” adds Camille Thomas. 

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How much does it cost to install a coffered ceiling?

The cost of a false ceiling varies according to the tiles used. Where Placo® slabs are cheap, textile ones or even models with technical properties (insulation, water repellent) increase the price. To this price must be added the cost of installation. As our two professionals explain, the artisans and the region where the work takes place cause price variations.

For example, the supply and installation of a Placo® coffered ceiling are between 40 and 60 euros excl. VAT/m2. For a coffered ceiling with acoustic properties, it is necessary to count between 60 and 80 euros excluding tax per m2 or even beyond in certain cases. By opting for a false ceiling in wooden strips, the supply and installation generally vary from 20 to 80 euros/m2. For PVC slats, the range is a little narrower, between 20 and 60 euros, excluding VAT/m2. Do not hesitate to ask for comparative quotes from several artisans to find your way around. 

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During the works: installing a coffered ceiling, Placo® slab fixed on two metal rails. Directed by Aurélie Nicolas Atelier d’ar(t)chitecture

Coffered ceiling installed. Directed by Aurélie Nicolas Atelier d’ar(t)chitecture

Take care of the aesthetics of the coffered ceiling to make it a decorative element.

Technically, the coffered ceiling is installed in any room of the house. It is now treated as a decorative element in its own right, almost relegating its technical utility to the background. If bespoke screens and bookcases have become essential for delimiting areas, the coffered ceiling also plays this role. “Conceived as an alcove, it is possible to create a well-delimited space, in particular, thanks to painting, “specifies Camille Thomas. The false ceiling differs from the existing one and becomes the extension of the wall – why not treated with wallpaper. For example, it delimits an entrance into an open living room or kitchen and opens to the dining room. 

In this Lyon apartment, the architect Aurélie Nicolas delimited the entrance to the living room by installing a coffered ceiling. The backlight emphasizes its presence. Directed by Aurélie Nicolas Atelier d’ar(t)chitecture

Pascal Simonin

The coffered ceiling creates reading levels in the different spaces of the apartment. As an extension of a made-to-measure piece of furniture, it blends in perfectly with the decor. Directed by Aurélie Nicolas Atelier d’ar(t)chitecture

The architect Aurélie Nicolas adds that the coffered ceiling is an ideal solution in apartments with very high ceilings. On the other hand, “in an apartment from the 70s or new [where the height is more standard], the installation of a false ceiling reduces the visibility of the space”. In this case, installing a soffit, a formwork on a partial area, will be preferable. Placo® plates, visible, are to be treated aesthetically: it is possible to integrate moldings or work with colored bands. Using lighting decoration in the structure of the false ceiling emphasizes its presence. An LED strip can thus be applied in backlighting: the false ceiling does not go all the way to the edge of the walls, and the strip is placed in the crevices. The rendering largely modernizes an interior. And contrary to popular belief, the false ceiling is not only used to install spotlights. Playing with more or less long suspensions makes it possible to emphasize the height under the ceiling.

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The kitchen of this Haussmann apartment, located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, opens onto the living room. A coffered ceiling has been put in place to delimit it and provide a source of technical lighting (spotlights). The moldings sublimate its borders to recall the cachet of the apartment better. Directed by Camille Thomas

  • More FX Architect
  • The LED strip highlights the casing, which also serves as storage. Directed by Camille Thomas
  • More FX Architect

Some disadvantages to knowing about the false coffered ceiling

The implementation of a false ceiling requires the intervention of a professional. Unless you are experienced, recourse to a third party’s help is more than recommended, and the cost is fixed accordingly. Moreover, the false ceiling lowers the existing height. So consider installing it upstream, especially if the original coffered ceiling is low. Besides these two aspects, the false ceiling has only advantages. 

Five unusual and safe places to hide your safe at home

By storing your papers and valuables in a safe, you will not only prevent them from being stolen but also from misplacing them. And it’s even better if the safe is carefully hidden away from curious and prying eyes. Here are five good hiding places

Embed it in a wall, but not in any room

Pour que le coffre-fort puisse remplir de manière optimale ses fonctions, il est fortement conseillé de le préserver des regards curieux. Et réussir à dissimuler son coffre-fort peut s’apparenter à un véritable jeu d’enfant dès lors que ses propriétaires dénichent un emplacement sûr et discret où le cacher. Pour vous, la solution idéale serait de l’encastrer dans un mur derrière un miroir ou derrière un tableau ?

Beware, this location is, unfortunately, one of the most classic. And rest assured, these are the first places burglars will look if they ever break into your home. It is why, instead of your living room or bedroom, you prefer rather unusual rooms such as the bathroom or the toilet. For example, you can opt for a false wall as a decoy.

Install it in a cabinet

If you want a solid safe, this security equipment should ideally be built-in. So you can’t just put it on the ground even if you think you’ve found a very good hideout. It is clear that the best solution is still to wall it in, but this time in a closet or a wardrobe.

You will hide it afterward using a hinged panel of the same material as the furniture. The only concern is that if you store your belongings and clothing accessories, access to your safe may be complicated. Also, putting things back in their place can take time every time. So only choose this solution if you only open the trunk occasionally.

Hide it under the floor

Luckily, there is no shortage of unusual places to install the safe in your home. Only here, as you only have plaster walls, none of the walls is strong enough to support the weight of this equipment. It is fortunately not the case with the ground, regardless of the house’s area.

And the underside of the floor turns out to be a particularly clever hiding place. Nothing prevents you from digging a cavity with a slab to lift. To locate it very easily, you can cover the part concerned with a rug or carpet. Be careful; if this is an area of ​​the house constantly exposed to view, it is essential to keep the location secret.

Why not the children’s room?

Otherwise, the place in the house and the apartment where you least think of installing a safe is the children’s room, especially for babies. Indeed, burglars and people who are too curious only rarely consider searching this room. Here is an unexpected hiding place that you could easily choose without knowing your loved ones and those around you.

In addition, the possibilities of hideouts are not lacking, to name only behind the chest of drawers or even under the play chest. In the children’s room, you can give free rein to your creativity and imagination by multiplying the carpets, posters, and paintings to hang, but also fake furniture whose true destination only you know.

Also, think about the kitchen.

Finally, if you are careful, the kitchen can also be an alternative because of the heavy traffic in this room. With the many comings and goings, this area is unfortunately too exposed, and a sensible person will not install his safe there. But since you’re playing on it to fool everyone, especially burglars, the place is quite appropriate.

On the other hand, false walls, doors, and the like find their place perfectly in the kitchen and will not arouse suspicion. Running out of hiding ideas? Simply behind the cupboard and drawers where you store your pots, dishes, and kitchen utensils. The trick is to embed the safe, if possible, in a concrete wall.

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7 Best All You Need to Know About Coffered Ceilings 2022

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