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6 best Electric Stew Cooker For Perfect Preparation 2022

6 best Electric Stew Cooker For Perfect Preparation 2022

6 best Electric Stew Cooker For Perfect Preparation 2022

Cooking the rice itself is not complicated, but sometimes it is too dry or, conversely, too sticky. And so, with desperation on top and yet another failure, you throw it all away. But this will not happen again with the best Electric Stew Cooker

It is a versatile device that guarantees the perfect cooking of food as if a chef prepared it.

You will be able to create tasty recipes and rice and risottos and steamed fish and vegetables as is the tradition of oriental cuisine.

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What is the best Electric Stew Cooker?

Unlike cooking rice in a pot, the Electric Stew Cooker keeps the beans firm and retains the flavor. Compared to gas and electric steamers that are not specifically designed to cook rice, this device has an inner pot that makes cooking smooth and fast. In just a few minutes, you will be able to cook a large amount of rice flawlessly.

In addition, the best models on the market can also be used as a professional steamer or risotto cooker in some cases, even as a pressure cooker.

Here are the best Electric Stew Cooker:

The Best Russell Hobbs Steel Electric Stew Cooker

It has a large capacity of 1.8 liters, making it ideal for meeting the culinary needs of large families or preparing dinners with friends. Place a glass lid on its sturdy stainless steel frame to keep cooking under control.

Inside, a practical, removable non-stick container is flanked by a structure for steaming fish and vegetables. It has a proper automatic shut-off function and a heat retention function when cooking is finished.

Main features:

You can take the cooker directly to the table thanks to the removable cable.

Includes a spatula and a measuring cup.

At the end of cooking, it turns off automatically and keeps food warm


Brand: Russell Hobbs

Maximum number of servings: 10

Reishunger Digital Electric Stew Cooker – Best for Preserving Nutrients

This model is designed with 7-step rice cooking technology for particularly gentle preparation and perfect rice cooking.

In this way, the correct cooking phase is automatically activated one after the other: preheating, medium temperature water absorption, heating phase, cooking phase, nutrient preservation, short-term water absorption, and finally, the cooking phase. Heating. Thus, the nutrients are preserved, and the aroma can unfold best.

Thanks to the high-quality design of the pot, the heat is distributed evenly.

Main features:

Its modern design ensures quite an intuitive operation

Its 7-step cooking technology offers the best results and no mistakes.

It has a pot inside that favors the uniform distribution of heat


Brand: Reishunger

Maximum number of servings: 8

Xiaomi Mi Induction Electric Stew Cooker – Best with innovative operation

Direct heating of the inner pot moves the rice towards the center during the cooking process, thus ensuring that it is prepared evenly. This model offers you the option to connect the device with the Mi Home application so that you can cook directly from your smartphone.

The inner pot has a thickness of 3 mm that allows a more excellent and faster thermal conductivity, with which you will achieve a delicious flavor.

Main features:

It is easy to use and convenient

Includes a personalized recipe book

Offers high thermal conductivity to give the rice a delicious flavor


Brand: Xiaomi

Number of servings: 10

Tristar RK-6117 Electric Stew Cooker – Best for saving space

It is a small compact model with a capacity of 0.6 liters. It turns off when the rice is ready and keeps it warm. The lid has a steam valve, and the inner container has a non-stick coating and is removable, making it dishwasher safe.

It is designed with non-slip feet and boils dry protection. In addition, it includes a spoon and a practical measuring cup.

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Main features:

It is highly safe thanks to its protection against dry boiling

Its small size will allow you to store it in any cupboard.

With its separate on and off switch, you can start and stop the heating process.


Brand: Tristar

Maximum number of servings: 3

Severin RK 2425 Electric Stew Cooker – Best for multifunctional use

It is a device with a power of 650 W and a capacity of about 3 liters. Its robust design is high-quality stainless steel and has an automatic heat retention function at the end of cooking. The inner pot is non-stick, which will allow you to prepare perfect rice, which does not stick and does not dry out. In addition, this pot is removable, ideal for easy cleaning.

Includes the additional accessory to steam vegetables, meat, fish, or potatoes.

Main features:

The steel frame makes it very strong and durable.

Includes a rice spoon with stand and a measuring cup

Once cooking is complete, it keeps food warm.


Brand: Severin

Number of servings: 10

Royal Catering Professional Electric Stew Cooker and Risotto Cooker

It is a professional model, ideal for cooking large amounts of rice. Thanks to its multifunctional steamer, it allows you to prepare a wide variety of foods such as vegetables, stews, eggs, fish, or classic rice.

It has a total capacity of 13 liters, corresponding to 5.6 liters of unboiled rice.

Its robust double-walled design and 1,950W power quickly reach operating temperature and boil, steam, or even keep large quantities of food warm. The removable lid ensures optimal use of heat and prevents food from drying out.

Main features:

It features a sensor that automatically detects when the device needs to go from cooking to heat retention.

Ideal for communities and restaurants

Includes a measuring cup and a rice spoon.


Brand: Royal Catering

Maximum number of servings: 72

6 best Electric Stew Cooker For Perfect Preparation 2022

How to choose a Electric Stew Cooker

Most sushi Electric Stew Cooker are commercially available over low heat, without you having to worry about it.

If you have little time or want to prepare lunch more easily, Electric Stew Cooker are the perfect solution for you. But before you buy one, you should know some of its features and functions.

To choose the Electric Stew Cooker that best suits your needs, you will have to consider the following characteristics.


If you are single or a family of two or three, Electric Stew Cooker with a capacity of about 1 liter for 6 cups of cooked rice (3 cups raw) are more than enough. On the other hand, if you have a much larger family or like to cook dinner for your friends, consider purchasing a model with a larger cooking capacity of at least 5 liters.

heat maintenance

A good ‘heat retention’ feature helps as you don’t have to worry about checking that everything is in order. This function ensures that the food or rice is hot every time you want to serve it and makes the cooking and eating experience more flexible and accessible. This type of appliance’s main characteristic ensures that the food stays hot but without altering its consistency.

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If you want an appliance to use as a Electric Stew Cooker, you have to choose one of the many models on the market. However, a Electric Stew Cooker offers you the advantage of cooking different foods, saving you time, effort and space. We recommend that you only buy models that offer this option.

dishwasher safe

The fact that you can put the inner pot and all removable parts in the dishwasher is always a bonus. Makes cleanup quick and easy and saves time and effort.

Where to buy

You can buy such an appliance at appliance stores, although the best outlet for such items is still online. You can easily find the most suitable model on the virtual platform after evaluating user reviews. You will be able to consider both low-cost and high-end products and decide which one to choose without any rush.

What kind of Electric Stew Cooker are there?

There are many different types of Electric Stew Cooker, ranging from simple to sophisticated, “smart” to expensive, plastic to stainless steel. All of these options are accurate kitchen machines. Here are some of the most common types:

microwave Electric Stew Cooker

These are the cheapest and most basic models found on the market. They are made of plastic and are pretty simple: they have no motor or electrical components. They steam food using microwave energy.

Standard Electric Stew Cooker

These are the most common and popular devices, appreciated for their ease of use. These are usually electrical appliances and cook rice and many other foods, such as steamed vegetables and meat. When you’re done cooking, some keep the heat level constant, so you can always have hot food. They are designed with a few basic features and components, nothing fancy.

Bestseller No. 1
TIANJI Smart 4 Ceramic Pot Electric Stew Pot DGD33-32EG 4-in-1...
55 Reviews
TIANJI Smart 4 Ceramic Pot Electric Stew Pot DGD33-32EG 4-in-1...
  • 【 Programmable& Multifunctional】It compes with...
  • 【Healthy & Original Material】All pots are made...
  • 【Large Capacity】3.2L large capacity, suitable...
  • 【Safe to Use】Double-layer structure of...
  • We value every single customer and hope to do...
Bestseller No. 2
Tianji DDZ-16BWS Smart Twin Ceramic Pot Electric Stewpot with...
85 Reviews
Tianji DDZ-16BWS Smart Twin Ceramic Pot Electric Stewpot with...
  • 【9 Cooking Menus& Pre-set Timer】Steam/ Stew,...
  • 【Stew Out Of Water】Out-of-water stewing can...
  • 【Ceramic Inner Pots】Three ceramic inner pots...
  • 【Capacity】1.6L capacity is suitable for 1-3...
  • We value every single customer and hope to do...
Bestseller No. 3
TIANJI DGD06-06BD Mini Ceramic Electric Stew Health Pot, Smart...
14 Reviews
TIANJI DGD06-06BD Mini Ceramic Electric Stew Health Pot, Smart...
  • 【 6 in 1 Multifunction】Fully Automatical and...
  • 【 Programmable& Easy to Operate】Easy touch LED...
  • 【Healthy & Original...
  • 【Portable& Convenient 】600ml mini capacity,...
  • We value every single customer and hope to do...
Bestseller No. 4
Tianji Electric Stew Pot,1 Quart Crock Pot Slow Cookers,Ceramic...
  • All-Ceramic Inner Pot: Ceramic pot has better...
  • Capacity and Size: 1 liter (≈ 0.95 quart)...
  • Excellent Cooking Control: Electric stew pot only...
  • Preset and Timing: support 12 hours appointment, 6...
  • What You Get:Tianji 1L Stew Pot, manual(EN&CN),...
Bestseller No. 5
Tonze Electric Stew/Slow Cooker DGD32-32EG 3.2L+0.6L+0.45L
44 Reviews
Tonze Electric Stew/Slow Cooker DGD32-32EG 3.2L+0.6L+0.45L
  • 100% Quality Assurance.
  • Rubber Sole.
  • Brand New With Box.
  • Round Toe, Lace-up
  • Factory directly sell
Bestseller No. 6
Tianji Electric Claypot Brown Rice Cooker Small DSG-TZ30 3.17...
30 Reviews
Tianji Electric Claypot Brown Rice Cooker Small DSG-TZ30 3.17...
  • 【Multi-functional】Claypot rice/ casserole...
  • 【Original& Health Material】All natural high...
  • 【Pre-set Timer& Programmable Procedure 】0-24...
  • 【Large Capacity & Easy to clean】3.17 quarts...
  • The inner tank is made of clay, which is fragile...
Bestseller No. 7
Tianji DGD40-40LD Electric Stew Pot, 4L Full-automatic Slow...
71 Reviews
Tianji DGD40-40LD Electric Stew Pot, 4L Full-automatic Slow...
  • 【Multi-functional】11menus for 7soups,...
  • 【Large capacity】4L capacity suitable for 3-6...
  • 【Healthy Material】Ceramic inner pot can...
  • 【Convenient】23-hour appointment pre-set timer,...
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Bestseller No. 8
The Electric Pressure Cooker Soup Cookbook: 100 Fast and...
57 Reviews
The Electric Pressure Cooker Soup Cookbook: 100 Fast and...
  • Young, Karen Lee (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 238 Pages - 08/11/2020 (Publication Date) -...
SaleBestseller No. 9
Dezin Electric Hot Pot with Steamer, 1.5L Non-stick Ramen Cooker,...
350 Reviews
Dezin Electric Hot Pot with Steamer, 1.5L Non-stick Ramen Cooker,...
  • Multifunction - Dezin electric hot pot boasts a...
  • Non-stick coating - Due to the non-stick coating,...
  • Additional Steamer & Egg Rack - Equipped with a...
  • Adjustable Power - Designed with a adjustable...
  • Safety Design - In order to improve cooking...

Micom Electric Stew Cooker

They represent a more advanced and expensive version than the previous model. They use computer microchips that control special sensors to precisely regulate temperature and perfectly cook rice and other foods. They are called Micom or even “smart” rice cookers.

Induction Electric Stew Cooker

By using the functionality of induction heating combined with the intelligence of Micom, these devices represent one of the most advanced technical achievements for efficient and perfect cooking of food. Using induction technology creates a magnetic field that allows a more precise distribution of heat inside the container. The result is a perfectly cooked meal uniform and rich in flavor.

Induction and pressure Electric Stew Cooker

These are the most advanced rice cooking systems and the most expensive. These appliances combine the intelligence of Micom and induction heating and increase the temperature through the use of pressure. In this way, the heat is distributed evenly inside the pot to cook rice and other foods to perfection. These combined systems significantly improve the flavor, texture, and even the appearance of the rice.

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How does the Electric Stew Cooker work?

The operation of the Electric Stew Cooker is effortless. All appliances use a heat source for cooking rice and other foods. Some models have sensors and extra functionality that ensure “smart” cooking, while others only offer actual performance. But no matter which brand you choose, all of these gadgets need three things to work: water, rice, and heat. That’s it!

How do you prepare rice with the Electric Stew Cooker?

Now, to go a little further, let’s see what you have to do to cook rice with a Electric Stew Cooker. First, measure the rice with the measuring cup usually included with the appliance.

Then, rinse the rice thoroughly and let it sit in the water for a while. Remove the inner pot, pour the rice with the water, and then put it back in the appliance. Turn on the device and wait until the rice is perfectly cooked.

When the water boils, the rice begins to absorb it, while the lid prevents steam from escaping, ensuring a perfect cooking process. Once the preparation is finished, there is usually a “heat retention” function, which keeps the food warm for a long time after cooking (even if you are not at home).

What are the advantages offered by a Electric Stew Cooker?

If Electric Stew Cooker have become so popular with everyone, there must be a good reason. There is more than one!

  • You cook the rice perfectly, every time.

Making a perfect meal is unusual for most people, and rice is tricky if you don’t pay proper attention: you have to move it all the time, sometimes it’s flawless, and others are sticky, soft, or burnt.

With a Electric Stew Cooker, you are always sure to have perfectly cooked rice, no matter if it is white, brown, or red because these tiny devices at your fingertips know precisely how long it takes to cook the rice, how to keep the grains separated and how to help you get that wonderful smooth texture of food

  • You save time

When we use an electric rice cooker, we need to rinse the rice, let it sit in water for a while, and then place it in the appliance. That’s it: you don’t need to move the rice or control the cooking process.

We recommend choosing a model with a glass lid to see what happens inside the container. You don’t even need to heat the rice if you don’t want to eat it right away, as most Electric Stew Cooker have a “heat retention” feature.

  • You cook all kinds of food.

In addition to rice, most of this equipment can steam other foods, including whole grains like brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, and barley, and other foods like soups, stews, vegetables, seafood, meat, and more.

You can use it to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Images for electric stew cooker

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Do you like to eat rice but hate cooking it? A rice cooker will not only save you time, effort and space; it will also allow you to steam your rice to perfection every time.

Modern equipment ensures flawless cooking with various sensors and extra functionality: say goodbye to mushy, sticky, overcooked, or undercooked rice. A rice cooker will introduce you to the beautiful texture of rice, its delicious flavor, and that lovely smooth appearance that you only get when food is cooked to the right point.

Tech lovers like us have loved Reishunger ‘s digital model’s performance. Thanks to the unique 7-step rice cooking technology, the device automatically activates the correct cooking phase one after the other. In this way, the nutrients remain intact, and the aroma you get is simply exquisite.

Frequent questions

What other foods can be prepared with a rice cooker?

One thing is for sure: once you start using your new appliance, you will be amazed at its versatility. Here are some alternatives to get some fresh and delicious dishes.

You can make breakfast a luxury! To cook oatmeal or other cereals, add less milk or water than you typically use. Add some chopped nuts and dried fruit.

You can surprise your guests at lunch and dinner by serving steamed vegetables, soups, beans, or slow-cooked stews. You can prepare any risotto without having to stand in front of the pot for twenty minutes while you keep stirring. And, finally, fruit to taste.

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Is it worth buying a rice cooker?

Yes, because you can prepare rice, quinoa, and brown rice with this type of appliance. You can also use it for cooking oatmeal. Bottom line: A high-end rice cooker is a surprisingly versatile piece of kitchen equipment that will save you time and help make your delicious dishes even more accessible and healthier. The investment is worth it.

Does rice taste better when prepared in a rice cooker?

Many people claim that a rice cooker improves the flavor of the rice. Of course, this is the opinion of some people, and it must be said that, in general, the difference in taste is insignificant. If you cook rice the traditional way (in a pot and on the stove) and do it with due care, you probably won’t notice that it tastes better or worse than what you cook with your rice cooker.

Can I season the rice directly in the rice cooker?

Of course, you can. Start by pouring the rice, water, butter, broth, chopped dried onion, basil, thyme, and garlic powder into the inner pot. Prepare the rice as required by your device. Once the rice is ready, add your favorite sauce or a little butter to eat it. Stir well and taste. If you are satisfied with the result, serve it.

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6 best Electric Stew Cooker For Perfect Preparation 2022

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