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Home » 25 Staple Gun, Electric Stapler Tacker, low-pressure Electric Silicone paint Gun 2022

25 Staple Gun, Electric Stapler Tacker, low-pressure Electric Silicone paint Gun 2022

25 Staple Gun, Electric Stapler Tacker, low-pressure Electric Silicone paint Gun 2022

25 Staple Gun, Electric Stapler Tacker, low-pressure Electric Silicone paint Gun 2022

Spray Gun – Buying Guide, Ranking and Testing in 2022

Using a paint gun is an excellent alternative to save time and paint with finesse. The application of paint on a wall, a ceiling and the angles are made in good condition thanks to this material. It is necessary to choose this product well to avoid a bad investment. The ideal would be to learn about its characteristics through a buying guide like the one we developed. 

If you lack time to do this, you should dwell on the following two best models. Bosch 0603207200 operates at 1200 W with a flow rate of 500 ml/min. It adapts to different kinds of paints and materials. In addition, this device comes with a 4 m hose. Silverline 763556is a high-pressure model with a capacity of 1000ml. Its jet is adjustable according to your needs. This device is light; it is easy to handle.

How to choose a good spray gun?

As each device boasts the most efficiency, choosing this product is not always easy. This buying guide for the best paint spray guns will direct you to the model that suits your needs by choosing it according to a few parameters. Features of this item include type, performance and practicality.

purchase guide

The type

Where to buy a new paint gun? Before moving on to this point, please do not skip the step of checking its main selection criteria, such as the type. This setting helps you know what you can use this product for. Its verification also gives you an idea of ​​the importance of the work you can do with the model you select.

A low-pressure electric device is a basic device dedicated to small tasks. A low-pressure paint station is suitable for treating medium-sized surfaces. At the same time, the high-pressure electric gun is even intended for large-scale use.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Arrow Electric Staple Gun Kit, Corded Stapler with 3750 Pieces...
  • 【Extra 3750 Pieces Staples】Package come with...
  • 【Professional Safety Stapler】This product has...
  • 【High Efficiency & 8 Foot Cord】The gun...
  • 【Easy Operation】Designed with convenient...
  • 【Wide Application】The Arrow T50ACD electric...
SaleBestseller No. 2
KeLDE Electric Staple/Nail Gun Kit, Braid Nailer, 120V Corded...
  • 【Versatile & Universal Design】- Anyone with or...
  • 【Super Lightweight】- This electric staple gun...
  • 【Widely Use】- With 900 pieces T50 staples...
  • 【Safety and Comfort】- Designed with triple...
  • 【Quality Assurance】-...
SaleBestseller No. 3
Arrow ET501C Cordless 5-In-1 Professional Staple and Nail Gun,...
  • 5-IN-1 ACTION: The ET501C multi-purpose tool is...
  • STAPLE AND NAIL OPTIONS: This staple and nail gun...
  • POWER FOR THE WHOLE PROJECT: The powerful...
  • COMPACT DESIGN: The compact cordless design of...
  • CONVENIENCE FEATURES: Automatically switches...
SaleBestseller No. 4
Electric Brad Nailer, NEU MASTER Staple Gun N6013 with Contact...
  • DIY -- The electric brad nail gun ideal for DIY...
  • SAFETY -- Contact safety switch prevents...
  • POWER ADJUSTABLE -- The electric staple gun has...
  • 2 in 1 STAPLE AND NAIL GUN -- Work with Staple T50...
  • EASY TO USE -- Easy magazine release for quick...
Bestseller No. 5
STANLEY Nail Gun, Electric Staple, 1/2-Inch, 9/16-Inch and...
  • Heavy-duty electric staple / brad nail gun with...
  • Unique dual power lever (Hi/Lo) designed for use...
  • High Quality New!!!!!!!
  • Includes 8-foot power cord
  • Uses Stanley Sharpshooter TRA700 Series or Arrow...
SaleBestseller No. 6
EWORK Electric Staple Gun/Nail Gun Kit for DIY Project and...
  • 📌 Notice 1 : Not recommend for hardwood,...
  • 📌 Notice 2 : All staple gun can not get rid of...
  • ✅【Perfect Bundle】Electric stapler gun & brad...
  • ✅【Multi-Purpose】Two-in-one staple gun for...
  • ✅【Triple Safety Protection】We know the...
Bestseller No. 7
BHTOP Cordless Staple Gun, 4V Power Brad Nailer/Staple...
  • ✅Convenient Operation: The stapler is...
  • ✅Safety Guarantee: Triple lock mechanism makes...
  • ✅High Performance: 4VElectric Staple with 1.5 Ah...
  • ✅ Widely Used: BHTOP cordless staple gun are...
  • ✅Loading Advise : Must press the trigger first....
SaleBestseller No. 8
Arrow Cordless Staple Gun Kit, Electric Stapler with 3750 Pieces...
  • 【Extra 3750 Pieces Staples】Package come with...
  • 【Professional Safety Stapler】Contact safety...
  • 【No Distance Limit】You can bring the cordless...
  • 【Easy Operation】Designed with convenient...
  • 【Wide Application】The Arrow T50DCD electric...
Bestseller No. 9
SHALL Pink Electric Staple Gun, 2 in 1 Cordless Upholstery...
  • [Customer Service] - Please read the instructions...
  • [2 in 1 Application] - This electric upholstery...
  • [Long Battery Life] - With a 2000mAh lithium-ion...
  • [Step Safe Boot Mechanism] - The Electric stapler...
  • [LED Power Indicator] - The LED will light up...
SaleBestseller No. 10
Cordless Electric Staple Gun/Nail Gun Kit, KeLDE 2 in 1...
  • 🎁 Practical Gifts--Li-ion battery power...
  • ✅【No Distance Limit】 You can take the...
  • ✅【Wide Application】The 2-in-1 electric...
  • ✅ 【Lightweight & Safety】the ergonomic handle...
  • ✅【Quality Assurance】-...

Low-pressure items are less expensive, and high-pressure units are suitable for professionals who ply their trade in the world of paint application.

The ideal is not to race towards the model that allows you to do great work. The important thing is to adapt your choice to your needs. Consider the field of application in which you are going to intervene. Be sure to consider how often you plan to use it. These are professional equipment that is suitable for intensive use.

The performance

The advice we give you also affects the performance of this device. It is after taking it into account that you should consult a price comparison. Checking this parameter allows you to know the effectiveness of the model for which you will opt.

This selection criterion is verified through the throughput of the device. This parameter indicates the quantity of paint the device ensures projection over a considered time. You have to ensure that it is neither too low nor too high. Otherwise, several sprays may be necessary, or you may face drips. A few hundred millilitres can do the trick. At the same time, check the nozzle that provides the projection. It must be of good quality. 


How to buy a paint gun with better value for Money? To help you find the answer, let’s address the question relating to the practicality of this product. A practical model to use offers you comfort.

The practical side of this equipment can be verified through the presence of an HPLV or High Volume Low-Pressure system that accompanies the device. It ensures an even application of the paint which is finely atomized.

A Spray Control technology helps you limit mist formation, preventing you from dirtying the place where you use it and saving paint. Moreover, you can have a spray jet that can be directed vertically, horizontally or in a circular motion for small surfaces to be painted.

The best paint guns of 2022

To know how to choose the best paint guns of 2022, you should read a comparison. Ours proposes to make available some products among which you should choose according to your needs, the quality you require and your budget.

Best low-pressure paint guns: comparison 2022

The low-pressure paint gun remains the ideal tool for achieving a perfect finish on small to medium-sized surfaces, whether for professional or private use.

But difficult to find the right model. To help you, here is a complete buying guide for the best low-pressure paint guns of the moment according to your budget!

Which low-pressure paint gun to choose?

Comparison of the top 3 paint guns

HYUNDAI HSP200: the best low-pressure spray gun on the market?

You might be wondering what the Hyundai brand is doing in this DIY sector. Hyundai Power Equipment is a major brand of the BFTG group (French SME) specializing in DIY and gardening products. She offers us a model of the paint pump station, qualified by many as being the best on the market. We can say that this product does not lack advantages.

The strong points

“Airless” technology: Thanks to this technology, this paint pump station does not need air to operate. It only sprays paint, saving some time in use (no need to dilute) and giving a much better result. There is also much less mist than with a conventional compressor.

Quality rendering: In addition to the “airless” technology, this device is also equipped with an electronic management module which acts as a spray regulator, which optimizes the use as well as the rendering of your work, thanks to a particularly good projection. It’s 0.43 mm nozzle is also there to guarantee such a result.

Ease of use: Thus, the use is much easier; plunge the suction tube directly into the paint pot, and you’re done. Of course, it will first be necessary to connect the gun, the hose and the pump, but this is a particularly simple task and accessible to all. The device also has a long hose of 7.6 m, which will allow you to be completely free in your movements.

Savings: Since the device uses the paint directly without diluting it, one would be tempted to think that it requires more paint. Curiously, the amount of paint consumed is reduced. We also save a lot of time because we benefit from a great execution speed thanks to the device. According to the data, an area of ​​1 m² can be covered in just 10 seconds.

Versatile: This device can be used for many painting jobs, although it is especially recommended for large surfaces with acrylic paint, Glycerol, facade paint, etc.

The weak spots

Instructions for use: According to some users, the instructions for use supplied with the product are not clear enough. Fortunately, one can easily find videos on the Internet showing how to assemble, use and clean such a product, even if the video will not show the same product like this one.

25 Staple Gun, Electric Stapler Tacker, low-pressure Electric Silicone paint Gun 2022

Bosch PFS 5000 E: the best value for Money of the moment

The Bosch brand needs no introduction. It has long since confirmed its leading position in equipment and tools, whether in the world of automotive spare parts or the field of DIY and gardening. Here again, the brand impresses us with its PFS 5000 E model, qualified by many as the best value for Money on the market. Here are some of its biggest features.

The strong points

Versatile: This paint station is very versatile, allowing you to tackle different types of surfaces with the same device. Whether you plan to paint your walls with thick paint, cover your furniture with varnish, or make water stains, the Bosch PFS 5000 E can be adapted to your needs. This versatility is due in particular to the “paint” technology and its numerous nozzles to be installed depending on the surface to be treated.

Powerful: This device has a powerful 1200 W motor, which allows you to have a certain jet power. But what would power be without control? Precisely, this model has an electronic regulator that manages the airflow. It allows, among other things, to use undiluted or slightly diluted paints directly, reducing the execution time of your work.

Speed: Speaking of speed of execution, the result offered by a paint gun will never be comparable to that of a paint roller or a brush. Thanks to this device, you could tackle several m² in one day, with a much better result (homogeneity, thickness, etc.).

25 Staple Gun, Electric Stapler Tacker, low-pressure Electric Silicone paint Gun 2022

A compendium of technology: In addition to the ALLPaint technology mentioned above, this device includes many others, such as ConstantFeed technology, which guarantees a continuous supply of paint, which will save you some inconvenience (air bubbles, lumps, etc.). ). We also have the SDS system, which greatly facilitates the filling of the bucket, as well as maintenance.

Ease of use: This model is equipped with a 4 m long, very flexible hose, which will guarantee you a certain freedom of movement, as well as a good radius of action. The station even comes with wheels to make it easy to move from one corner of the room to another. In addition, you can easily wrap the hose around the device, so it does not get in your way during work.

The weak spots

Small tank capacity: Even though the tank of this model is on a very good average, with 1000 ml, it turns out that the maximum flow rate of the device is 500 ml/min, which will force you to fill a lot more often the bucket. That said, with practice, it goes by itself.

Tacklife SGP16AC Expert: an inexpensive but reliable low-pressure paint gun (Indispo)

If it is unthinkable for you to buy a spray gun for more than 150 euros, let alone more than 300 euros, then this model from the Tacklife brand will surely interest you. Despite its mini price, this device has many qualities that could make even devices located in higher tariff waters blush. Here are the main features of this product that catch the eye.

The strong points

Power: This device has a powerful 800 W motor, delivering up to 1100 ml/min. It guarantees a great execution speed and will allow you to complete several m² in no time. This power is combined with a tank with a capacity of 1200 ml, which is among the best capacities on the market. You can take care of a certain length of the wall without having to reload.

Versatile: This spray gun offers you the possibility to tackle many surfaces, such as walls, car parts, as well as wooden or steel furniture. It will be enough to select and install the right nozzle among all the product supplies.

Many accessories: Indeed, three nozzles are supplied with the device, apart from its three jet patterns, its copper spray tip, its spray tip button, its cleaning needle and brush, and its cleaning horse. Air, its two canisters, and another accessory make it practical to use the device, but you don’t even find the shoulder strap on other top-of-the-range models.

Very good design: This product also benefits from a very good design, both at the level of its adjustable handle, which benefits from an ingenious arrangement of its buttons and at the level of the spray width lever, which is also adjustable, without forgetting the rubber coating of the handle, for a better grip.

Price: Indeed, how not to mention the price among the biggest characteristics that challenge this product. It can be said unequivocally that the quality/price ratio is unbeatable and that the brand’s objective has been respected, that of providing quality equipment to improve the quality of life of everyone.

The weak spots

Short cable: This device almost did a flawless job. Unfortunately, the electric cable of this product is quite short, at 1.8 m long. Even if the air horse tries to compensate with its 2 m long, we remain quite limited in our movements.

How to use a paint gun?

Being mainly encountered in the world of automobile manufacturing, for painting bodywork, paint guns are increasingly found in the building sector, but also decoration, renovation, etc. It is explained by their great efficiency/speed in the execution of the work and their rendering of very good quality, compared to the old rollers and brushes. You still need to know how to use them.


It goes without saying; that there is a very good chance that the device will be delivered in parts. It will then be up to you to put everything together. The best way is to use the user manual. That said, there may be times when this document is not as clear as many hope. Fortunately, there are many products of this type, and you can find many assembly videos on the net, to see and understand how to do it.


Ditto for use, one of the best ways is to take inspiration from videos on the net. The principle is simple; a motor projects the paint onto the surface. A nozzle makes it possible to refine the projection for a much more homogeneous and precise result. A tank will receive the paint, and the suction tube will be immersed.

Once all the elements are connected (pump, tank, gun, electric cable), all you have to do is press the right buttons, make a few adjustments, do some tests, for example, on a board (flow adjustment, grip device, etc.), and you’re done.

How to choose a paint gun?

If their appearance seems the same, just like their use, you should know that all paint guns are not the same. The price difference is a testament to the fact that each product may use different technologies. But then, how to find the right product, the most suitable for our needs? Here are some selection criteria to consider.


A mania among buyers is to identify the price of the product quickly. With paint guns, it’s the same logic; high quality never comes at a low price. But as they say, never say never. Indeed, some products are exceptions, with unbeatable quality/price ratios. It’s up to you to compare the technical characteristics of each product.

Technical characteristics

Precisely, the technical characteristics! First, you will have to see the device’s power. At this level, unsurprisingly, the more powerful the device, the better. However, it will also depend on what work you plan to do. Indeed, there is a certain difference between painting a facade and painting the ceiling. As you will have understood, painting the ceiling does not require a lot of power.

Engine power, spray rate, and pressure are all indicators that will put you on the right track. Speaking of spray rate, consider checking tank capacity as well. These two values ​​are complementary. For example, the device offers a flow rate of 1000 ml/min, while its reservoir is also 1000 ml. In other words, you will have to load it every minute.

The accessories provided

With this type of device, the number of accessories supplied is significant. But it can also depend on the type of the model. If, for example, it is only designed for painting walls, the number of accessories is often limited. On the other hand, if it is a versatile device capable of treating many surfaces, make sure that it is supplied with the necessary accessories, for example, different types of nozzles adapted to each type of surface (wall, furniture, ceiling, etc.).

Utilization facility

A wall is rarely a meter long or high. You will usually be covering quite a large area. Also, remember to check that the device is supplied with a hose and an electrical cable of a certain length to allow you a fairly comfortable range of action. Also, remember to check the weight because handling a device that is too heavy is not always desirable. At this level, some brands have had the ingenious idea of ​​equipping their devices with a shoulder strap for better comfort.

The type

There can be many types of paint guns. Some use air pressure; others do not; some models provide high pressure, others are low pressure, some offer many possible settings, others incorporate devices that automatically regulate the pressure, etc. Find out more about each type of device, particularly the surfaces that each can treat.

To get this kind of information, a tip is to pay a short visit to a DIY store (Castorama, Leroy Merlin, Bricoman, Bricomarché, etc.) and take advantage of the advice of their seller. You can also find various product tests on the net and opinions from many users who have already tested the product you are interested in.

How to clean a paint gun?

Cleaning a paint gun is essential and to be done each time you have finished your painting work, and even for a short break of a few hours during which paint can dry. The reason is simple; if your spray gun contains dried paint, it may be clogged, affecting its proper functioning. It may even make it obsolete. So here’s what to do.

Choose the right cleanser.

You should know that each type of painting corresponds to a specific cleaner. Thus, for solvent-based paints ( Glycerol ) or varnishes, it will be necessary to look at the instructions or the paint box to know the suitable cleaner. Only water-based acrylic paints can be cleaned with water.

The purge

Once you are done painting, remove the tank and empty it if any paint is left in it. Just put the paint back in its box. Once this is done, activate the gun to evacuate the remaining paint in its circuit.

After that, fill the tank with water or a suitable cleaner, plug the gun back in and trigger the gun. Spray somewhere, for example, on a piece of cardboard until the spray gun only spits out water or cleaner (so no more paint).

Also, remember to clean the tank’s seal and any air vents on the lid.

Cleaning of various elements

It would help if you now dismantled your paint station to be able to clean the various elements such as the nozzle, the needles, etc. To clean these, use the appropriate cleaner and a good brush.

Our comparison: what is the best electric paint gun?

The electric paint gun is a very affordable device, easy to use and suitable for any painting renovation. We present here three models of electric paint guns chosen for their performance. Here is the table below their main characteristics:

Note that these three models of electric paint gun that we present to you here are all efficient. To choose one of these guns, we advise you to identify the essential criteria. Is it the performance, the bucket’s volume, the versatility, the ease of handling, the number of attachments included or the price? It is also wise to read our guide to choosing the right paint gun. It’s up to you to make the right choice!


The electric paint gun from Bosch

The electric paint gun offered by Bosch is a very powerful device (1200 W) and, therefore, very versatile. Thus, with this device, you can embark on the complete renovation of an apartment or house, including exteriors. In fact, with its flow rate of 500 ml/min, you can cover an area of ​​3 m 2 in one minute.

Thanks to its ALLPaint technology, this electric paint gun can spray all types of paint with little or no dilution. It is then possible to apply varnishes, lacquers, stains and wall paints. Nozzles are provided for each type of product to be sprayed and are colour coded so you can easily identify them.

Another appreciable point is its ease of handling. Symbols on the tool allow you to choose the right setting depending on the product to be applied. In addition, this electric paint gun is equipped with an airflow adjustment button, allowing continuous control of the application of the paint.

From a practical point of view, it is composed of 2 units. A unit that stays on the ground and consists of the gun itself.

A 4 m flexible hose is supplied with the device. You thus benefit from a great amplitude to carry out your work, particularly outside. Especially since the floor unit can be mounted on wheels; so you have to pull on the pipe to move it forward. When not in use, the hose wraps around the floor unit. This electric paint gun is therefore compact and can be stored easily.

The Tacklife SGP15AC

With a power of 400 W, the Tacklife SGP15AC is an electric paint gun model with a very attractive price-quality ratio. The flow rate obtained with this gun is 800 ml/minute, which is why you can obtain perfectly covered surfaces in a minimum of time. In addition, this device offers many facilities designed and implemented to facilitate its use.

First, it is equipped with a large-capacity cup (900 ml). This cup is filled thanks easily to a cap screwed directly to it; it is not necessary to detach the cup from the electric paint gun.

An adjustment knob also allows you to adjust the flow rate and spray size. Indeed, for any electric paint gun, it is necessary to check this parameter because it is specific to a product and the type of surface to be sprayed. Likewise, three spray patterns can be obtained: a horizontal, vertical or round jet.

25 Staple Gun, Electric Stapler Tacker, low-pressure Electric Silicone paint Gun 2022

Among the accessories supplied with the electric paint gun, you will find three nozzles of different sizes: 2.5 / 2.0 / 3.0 mm. These nozzles will have to be adapted according to the work to be carried out. Go to our guide to find out how to use your electric paint gun properly.

Finally, cleaning this electric paint gun is very simple since all the parts are detachable and individually cleanable.

With such a model of an electric paint gun, you can fully foresee very varied fields of application while giving you complete satisfaction in terms of efficiency and aesthetic rendering.

Wagner’s electric paint gun: the W 180 P

If you choose the electric paint gun from Wagner, know that it perfectly suits all renovation or repair work. This device covers your surfaces smoothly and uniformly with paint, thick lacquers, stains, varnishes, and impregnating products or oils.

With its power of 110 W and its output of 270 g / minute, you can cover an area of ​​10 m 2 in just 13 minutes! Its performance is remarkable considering its size and weight ( 1.5 kg ). It is nevertheless preferable to carry out dilutions with water or solvent of the products before starting the spraying.

Thanks to a precise adjustment button, it is very easy to adjust the airflow according to the type of application. With this electric paint gun, you always get a uniform and impeccable finish.

On the other hand, to benefit from its maximum performance, it is preferable to keep the electric paint gun as horizontal as possible when spraying. Thus, to spray upwards or downwards (ceilings or floors), it is recommended to acquire the flexible nozzle connector, which is not included in the delivery.

Bestseller No. 1
TRESDA Paint Sprayer for Home Interior and Exterior, High Power...
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TRESDA Paint Sprayer for Home Interior and Exterior, High Power...
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YATTICH Paint Sprayer, High Power HVLP Spray Gun, with 5 Copper...
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SaleBestseller No. 3
YATTICH Paint Sprayer, 700W High Power HVLP Spray Gun, 5 Copper...
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Bestseller No. 4
Paint Sprayer, 400W HVLP Electric Spray Gun with 3 Nozzles & 3...
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HVLP Power Paint Sprayer, GoGonova 1400ml Large Container...
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SaleBestseller No. 7
BATAVIA Paint Sprayer, 700W Power Electric Spray Paint Gun,...
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Upgraded Paint Sprayer, NEU MASTER HVLP Electric Spray Paint Gun,...
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SaleBestseller No. 9
BATAVIA Paint Sprayer, 700W Power HVLP Electric Spray Paint Gun,...
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SaleBestseller No. 10
AOBEN Paint Sprayer, 750W Hvlp Spray Gun, Electric Paint Gun with...
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  • 【👍WHAT YOU WILL GET】Power Electric Spray...

In summary

What should we remember from these three models of electric paint guns?

  • The PFS5000E model offered by Bosch is by far the most powerful and, therefore, the most efficient and versatile, but also the most expensive. It is the model that comes closest to a professional device. It guarantees an impeccable result because it is equipped with innovative technologies that allow you to get started very quickly. If you are interested in devices from the Bosch brand, we have also tested the PFS 3000-2 model.
  • The efficiency of the equally appreciable Tacklife SGP15AC is made possible thanks to the numerous equipment included with the gun, making it the most economical model. It is compact and allows you to work quickly, thanks to its bucket-filling mode.
  • With the Wagner W 180 P, it is possible to cover an area of ​​10 m 2 in just 13 minutes, which is exceptional given its technical characteristics, such as its power of 110 W. With this electric paint gun, you have all the efficiency of a large model in a light device of only 1.5 kg.

Best Electric Silicone Gun

Some waterproofing work requires the application of gaskets or sealants. It is the case for seals in baths, showers, kitchens, and toilets, but also for door and window sealants. This work does not necessarily require calling on a professional but having the right equipment for a clean job without too much effort. Silicone guns allow you to make all kinds of joints and are extremely practical. They can be manual or tricon battery. The latter has the advantage of making relatively precise joints with less effort than a manual silicone gun; this is all the more true in large-scale work.

In this buying guide, we will try to give you the criteria to consider to make the purchase that best suits your needs. We will see how an electric silicone gun works, the prices and the different types of models there are.

Electric Silicone Gun Comparison Chart – Editors’ Choice

Top 6 Best Electric Silicone Gun

Here is our ranking of the best electric silicone guns of the moment. We made our choices considering the criteria of autonomy, price, functionality, and consumer opinions.

#1 – Makita DCG180Z: excellent battery life

Our opinion: a very good product, rather high-end. We appreciate its great autonomy to work a whole day without recharging it. Also note that the battery fully charges in just 15 minutes.

  • Makita DCG180Z 5000 N Sealant Gun (Machine Only)

The Makita electric silicone gun offers great autonomy. Indeed, it is possible to use it for a whole day without having to recharge the battery. Makita is a recognized brand in the DIY world, both by individuals and by professionals, for its seriousness and the quality of its tools. This extruder gun is ideal for making homogeneous joints with its anti-drip and flows control functions. It is designed to accept 300ml cartridgesA soft-grip handle provides excellent grip. The silicone gun remains handy with its weight of 1.7 kg + 620gr of batteryThe 18 V, 1.5 Ah battery and the charger are also to be acquired. Remember that all Makita brand products are compatible with batteries of the same brand and the same voltage. Finally, this mastic gun is equipped with electronic protection against overloads with an LED indicator and an anti-restart system.

Most :

  • Flow control
  • Compatible with hard sealants
  • Anti-drip function
  • The lessers :
  • The price
  • Sold without storage box, battery or charger

N°2 – Milwaukee M12PCG: a quality tool

Our opinion: this is a good product at a fairly reasonable price. We appreciate the flow variator, which is very useful depending on the type of joints. It is a good quality/price ratio which greatly facilitates the task!

  • Milwaukee Battery Cartridge Press M12PCG/310-0 12V – XXX, 1 Piece, 4933441783
  • Standard recording cartridge
  • Pressure: 178 kg/1,780 N

This silicone gun offers perfect finishes with a 6-speed variator to adjust the flow according to the joints. It makes it easy to make all standard sealants and low-temperature glues. The design of this tool is intended to be qualitative with a good quality of the materials used. The Milwaukee M12 supports cartridges with a capacity of 300 ml . Easy to grip; this machine has a non-slip handle

The only downside, we regret its weight of almost 2 kg without a cartridge. The gun is sold without a battery or charger. The system requires a 12-volt battery and works with all brand batteries of the same voltage. Little more: OLED lighting illuminates the work area. Finally, the gun is not sold in a case, but it remains easy to store due to its small size.

Most :

  • Flow variator
  • Anti-drip function
  • Robust
  • The lessers :
  • Sold without a case, battery or charger

N°3 – DEWALT DCE560N-XJ: the top of the range

Our opinion: a very well-thought-out tool for obtaining perfect finishes even if the price remains quite high. Dewalt DCE560N-XJ remains a must-have for professionals and expert DIYers.

  • Electric silicone gun with profiled handle and rubber overmoulding for extreme manoeuvrability and certain use: thanks to the LED, always have perfect visibility. Our silicone gun is designed with a self-retracting anti-drip device.
  • Speed ​​dial and variable speed on the trigger for precise control of the material flow: Benefit from great precision in applying your silicone cartridges with pressure regulation to adjust the quantity of product applied. Even at very low temperatures, the DEWALT electric cartridge gun works particularly smoothly.
  • Change cartridges easily thanks to our interchangeable cartridge holder (not supplied): No more cartridges that dry out with our electric silicone cartridge gun. DEWALT offers you optimal and robust use. The silicone gun is compatible with the latest generation of 18V Lithium-Ion XR battery (not included) which offers professional quality.
  • With more than 140 compatible tools, the DEWALT XR 18V ​​range is the brand’s must-have range. Designed for all applications, the XR 18V ​​platform is wide and versatile: its battery is compatible with even more tools, from hammer drills to circular saws, hedge trimmers and much more! The range covers all needs.
  • DEWALT, Guaranteed robustness: For more than 90 years, DEWALT has been designing, manufacturing and marketing particularly robust, durable and powerful machines for professionals and expert do-it-yourselfers: quality, power, solidity and reliability are found in each of them.

25 Staple Gun, Electric Stapler Tacker, low-pressure Electric Silicone paint Gun 2022

The Dewalt DCE560N is probably the best place to look for a high-end electric silicone gun. Of a very good design, this gun leaves nothing to chance. A self-retracting anti-drip device ensures meticulous work without loss of product. The flow control of the cartridges is variable thanks to a trigger regulating outgoing material flow. A speed dial indicates the selected setting.

Thus, perfectly homogeneous and precise joints are obtained. The cartridge holder is interchangeable (optional) to easily change cartridges between two different jobs. The tool is sold alone, without a battery or charger, but batteries from the same range are compatible with Dewalt products. The soft-grip handle facilitates the grip, and a small LED lighting completes this equipment to have better visibility during its work. This caulk gun accepts standard 300 ml cartridges.

Most :

  • Electronic dimmer
  • Anti-drip system
  • LED for easier application
  • Ease of use
  • The lessers :
  • The price
  • Sold without box, battery or charger

N°4 – Ryobi – CCG1801MHG: excellent value for Money


Our opinion: this is a very good investment for making joints quickly and efficiently. The more affordable price compared to other silicone electric guns makes this product a bestseller.

  • Ryobi – 18V One+ Cartridge Gun (without battery) – CCG1801MHG
  • The flow control variator guarantees an even net
  • Quick pusher removal for fast cartridge loading
  • Heavy-duty gear and cartridge holder for longer life

The features of this electric joint gun provide all the benefits without having to pay an exorbitant price for this type of equipment. The Ryobi CCG1801MHG is equipped with a flow control variator for an even finish. The joints are perfectly made, without burrs, continuous and regular, with the right amount of material.

It is very easy to use, the cartridge can be changed effortlessly, and the non-slip handle guarantees comfort. Its very light total weight of 2.1 kg gives it great manoeuvrability. The tool is sold without a charger or battery, but all of the brand’s batteries are compatible with all Ryobi tools as long as the same voltage is respected. A battery of 18 volts is necessary, knowing that a charged battery can hold up to the use of 200 cartridges. A battery charge indicatormentions the state of the latter. A needle is integrated into the device to facilitate the uncorking of the cartridges.

Most :

  • The price
  • Flow control dimmer
  • Easy to use and good manoeuvrability
  • Anti-drip system
  • The lessers :
  • Some latency when pulling the trigger
  • N°5 – VEVOR Electric Cartridge Gun: all equipped at a low price

Our opinion: this is a battery-powered putty gun at a low price that will be the ideal companion for occasional finishing work. All sold with a battery, a charger and a storage box.

  • 【PREMIUM QUALITY ALUMINUM】- Made of premium aluminium, the caulking gun barrel and cover are lightweight, durable, stable and can be used for a long time. The shell of the electric caulking gun is constructed of PA6 material, which has the advantage of a smooth surface, good toughness and wears resistance. Here we will provide you with five cone nozzles, one wrench, one hard rubber, two batteries and one charger.
  • 【EFFICIENT&POWERFUL】- The maximum thrust can reach 3800N, making the thrust more uniform. There are two-speed control buttons to adjust the overall speed (speed setting: 6), and the other is to change the current speed during your operation. The pushing speed of our sausage gun is 0 – 0.66cm, and you can extrude the glue very easily. Suitable for 0.56 kg sausage packs and 0.28 kg cartridges.
  • 【CONVENIENT TO USE】- The caulking gun is easy to use. It would help if you unscrew the sausage pack’s lid, pull out the middle pusher all the way, but the sausage pack into the aluminium barrel, and then tighten the lid. You need to unscrew the entire barrel from the cartridge, twist the soft rubber, tighten the barrel, pull the central pusher all the way, put the cartridge into the aluminium barrel, and then tighten the cover.
  • 【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】- The handle of our glue gun features an ergonomic design, is non-slippery, and is easy to hold. You don’t need to put a lot of energy into the caulking gun; even after a long work, you will not feel tired. The gun barrel can be rotated 360°, convenient for disassembly and use. It will bring you many surprises when you use it; take it home.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATIONS】- The sealant gun is widely used in glassware, ceramics, sanitary ware, kitchen equipment and other sealing construction facilities. If you want to fill gaps and cracks in your door, toilet or wall, our glue gun will be your best choice. Moreover, our glue gun can also be used for architectural decoration, shipping and containers.

25 Staple Gun, Electric Stapler Tacker, low-pressure Electric Silicone paint Gun 2022

This battery-powered silicone gun is among the first prices on the existing offer. Here is a gun sold fully equipped: with a 20-volt battery, a charger, a wrench and five glue nozzles. It is sold in a case for easy transport and storage. The tube design is made of aluminium for better resistance over time. The tool is equipped with a speed variator to facilitate the application of silicone or glue and obtain a perfectly smooth finish.

Its use is very simple, the cartridge assembly is quick, and a standard 300 ml silicone or mastic cartridge non-slip handle offers good manoeuvrability to this device. This pistol is designed to receive. It is used to caulk sanitary equipment, make kitchen joints or any other finishing work that requires the use of a silicone gun.

Most :

  • The price
  • Fully equipped
  • Flow variator
  • The lessers :
  • No anti-drip system
  • No consumer reviews yet

N°6 – AEG 18V silicone gun: the affordable model

Our opinion: this model has all the features required to make clean and effortless joints. Even if the device’s weight seems a bit tiring, this gun remains a safe bet at an affordable price.

  • Cartridge gun with six speeds and speed variator.
  • Gun with an anti-drip mechanism for clean work.
  • The cartridge holder has a length of 310 mm and is easy to use.
  • Thanks to the belt clip, you always have the gun to hand.
  • Delivery includes a battery (2 Ah) and a charger.

This gun is ideal for applying glue or silicone; this gun has a standard cartridge holder to use all 300 ml cartridges. The cartridge assembly mechanism is easy; no spanners are needed. An adjustment knob allows you to adjust the desired material flow according to the desired joint size. The tool has an anti-drip mechanism to keep the working environment clean and avoid waste of silicone or sealant.

Storage of the tool is made easier thanks to a small hanging hook. One without a battery or charger soft-grip handle allows comfortable handling of the device. Finally, the AEG silicone gun is sold in its packaging box. AEG has a range of batteries compatible with all the tools of the same brand. This caulk gun requires an 18-volt battery. Finally, the device’s manoeuvrability seems correct, although the opinions collected mention a slightly high weight, around 2 kg.

Most :

  • Anti-drip system
  • Flow adjustment by wheel
  • Affordable price
  • The lessers :
  • a bit heavy

What is an Electric Silicone Gun?

An electric silicone gun or extruder is a tool for making joints in silicone, acrylic or mastic in plumbing and all sealing and finishing work. The tool looks like a gun into which a cartridge is inserted at the level of the tube reserved for this purpose.

trigger activates a pusher which compresses the cartridge to extract the material. Depending on the model, some are equipped with an anti-drip system which prevents the cartridge from continuing to flow. The electric silicone gun increases performance and allows for continuous and homogeneous joints. The tip of the cartridge is to be cut according to the size of the seal, and the flow can be adjusted using a flow variation.

How does an electric silicone gun work?

The electric version of the silicone gun is battery-operated to keep the tool easy to use. Most models require an 18-volt battery. The silicone guns are sold alone without a battery or charger, depending on the brand. Indeed, many brands have started selling batteries compatible with their entire range to avoid multiplying batteries at home and for ecological reasons. Battery life is something to consider for long-haul jobs. Some recharge faster than others and last longer. Major brands such as Makita, Dewalt and Ryobi offer high-performance and robust equipment.

Also, read: how to make a silicone seal?

The different types of models

Silicone guns can be manual or electric. Although a huge price difference distinguishes them, their use and results are different.

  • Manual silicone guns are perfectly suited for making a few seals, bathtub seals, shower seals, etc. You must exert constant pressure on the trigger to extract the material. However, you have to take a little help to get good results because the pressure exerted on the trigger influences the consistency of the seal and the amount of silicone. Too much pressure will push out too much product, which may be difficult to remove, and too little pressure will force you to start over and smooth again.
  • Electric silicone guns can be essential for making joints on large surfaces. The effort required is less; a single trigger press will suffice to make perfectly linear joints. Although a little heavier, electric models save time and caulk cleanly.

How to choose well?

To make the right choice of silicone gun, it is important to consider your needs in terms of joints to be made. A manual silicone gun may be sufficient if you want to make joints occasionally on small areas. Its price varies from 10 to 40 euros.

On the other hand, to make skirting board joints on large surfaces, purchasing an electric silicone gun can prove to be a good investment. In addition to saving time, the joints will be perfectly homogeneous and clean, thanks to the flow regulator offered on these models. The management of the exit speed of the tube is an element which differentiates the manual tool from the electric tool. An amateur handyperson can thus obtain work worthy of a professional. On the other hand, the price quickly rises. It takes between 100 euros for an entry-level model against around 250 euros for a model from a recognized brand.

What are the important criteria before buying?

Not all models are equipped in the same way; here are the most important criteria for making the right purchase:

 Flow adjustment: the possibility of adjusting the output flow of the material is interesting for making joints that are more or less wide and uniform. Most models offer a 6-speed variator to be adjusted using a knob on the tool.

 The anti-drip system: when the pressure on the cartridge stops, this system retracts the cartridge to prevent it from continuing to flow. This criterion is a plus for avoiding product waste and keeping a clean work environment.

 The battery: many brands offer lithium batteries. Battery life is important. Some hold the load better than others and are more robust over time.

 Weight: to have a handy and easy-to-use tool, weight is a significant criterion. The weight listed on the product sheets is often the net weight of the electric silicone gun, to which the weight of the battery and that of the cartridge must be added.

 Features: small options can be interesting, such as LED lighting.

 The quality of the materials: certain materials are preferred to keep a tool over time.


Before purchasing a silicone gun, assess your needs. A manual silicone gun will be sufficient for occasional small jobs, while an electric silicone gun will be essential to avoid tendonitis during long jobs.

The price difference between these two types of products is very substantial. We recommend buying your tool from recognized brands for electric models to benefit from a better designed and more solid device.

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