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Home » 11 Natural Tricks To Get Rid Of Spiders Nest A Complete Guide 2022

11 Natural Tricks To Get Rid Of Spiders Nest A Complete Guide 2022


11 Natural Tricks To Get Rid Of Spiders Nest A Complete Guide 2022

In the phobia category, we ask for spiders! Many of you are probably raising your finger immediately. Rare are the people who appreciate these arachnids and their eight legs even if, feeding themselves on insects, they rid you of many pests. From autumn, they seek warmth inside dwellings, lay their eggs, and reappear in increased quantities from spring. How to get rid of spider nests? Here are 11 natural repellent tricks and some bonus tips.

REMOVE COBWEBSIs this advice necessary? Systematically destroy all cobwebs you find in your home. Look carefully at the angles, the ceiling, the green plants, the interior, and around your door frames. They mainly hide in dry, dark, and uncrowded places. It is why they are mainly found in cellars and attics. Properly vacuum under and behind every piece of furniture. Spiders hate having to reweave their web. They prefer to find another place to lay their eggs.

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Very unpleasant smell for the spider; the scent of chestnut is a natural repellent. The opportunity for a nice family walk. Pick up chestnuts left in their bug and place them here and there in your house. You can also cut them in half to spread the smell more.

You can also spread a few branches of chestnut trees around your home, near windows and access. As soon as they are dry, you replace them.

Horse chestnut extract deters spiders from entering your home and is easier to use and more accessible for city dwellers. The advantage of this product is that it is not harmful. The spider flees, but you don’t kill it. It’s also safe for your pets. Spray it on the places where spiders are likely to pass (baseboards, windows, and doors, but also all the small areas that are more difficult to access when cleaning, such as the back of heavy furniture).

Tip: replace the chestnuts with cedar or tomato leaves.

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CINNAMON – 11 Natural Tricks To Get Rid Of Spiders Nest A Complete Guide 2022

Whichever form you choose, spreading the smell of cinnamon scares away insects, including spiders. You are spoiled for choice for presentation.

  • Cinnamon scented candle;
  • essential oils;
  • Cooked cinnamon;
  • Cinnamon powder.

Sprinkle in hidden places or drop a little in small cups that you place in strategic places. The spider does not lay eggs in a dangerous environment.

CITRUS PEELS – 11 Natural Tricks To Get Rid Of Spiders Nest A Complete Guide 2022

Miracle solutions to many pests and citrus peels have a clear repellent effect. Arrange their zest in small cups, like cinnamon, in places where spiders pass. Moreover, they leave a good smell of freshness and cleanliness in your interior.

COCONUT OIL – 11 Natural Tricks To Get Rid Of Spiders Nest A Complete Guide 2022

Provide a vaporizer container in which you put:

  • 1/3 coconut oil;
  • 2/3 water.

Spray the mixture on the passages of the spiders.



Peppermint helps you keep spiders at a safe distance and deter them from nesting.



  • 15ml of peppermint essential oil;
  • 750ml of water.

Shake well before spraying the same places mentioned above.

You can also enjoy the benefits of essential oils of:

  • Lemongrass;
  • The Tea tree;
  • lavender;
  • Indian Lilac (Neem).


You can also dilute five drops of essential oil of your choice in your dishwater; this spreads an odor in all your dressers and prevents the formation of nests.

WE HAVE COTTON – 11 Natural Tricks To Get Rid Of Spiders Nest A Complete Guide 2022

Want to enjoy the sweet scent of the essential oil throughout your home? Soak cotton balls in the oil of your choice (preferably peppermint) and place them under your furniture. Hidden from view, but not from spiders! You benefit from a purifying menthol atmosphere.

We remind you to use essential oils sparingly and always read the instructions on the labels.


Lavender repels spiders in essential oil but is also directly planted in your garden or on a planter on the balcony. Place a pot on your windowsills and near your doors.

It is good to know that its sweet scent also repels flying insects, ticks, and lice.

8. MINT – 11 Natural Tricks To Get Rid Of Spiders Nest A Complete Guide 2022

Same process for the mint. Fresh, it repels insects and spiders. Place a jar of mint on a shelf in your kitchen, pantry, or windowsill, and you won’t be bothered by those pesky critters anymore.


Eternal star of natural tips, white vinegar diluted in water protects you from the presence of arachnids.

Corrosive, it is never sprayed directly on a piece of furniture.

On the other hand, it does not represent any danger for pets.

ALUM STONE – 11 Natural Tricks To Get Rid Of Spiders Nest A Complete Guide 2022

Astringent, healing, and antibacterial, alum stone, a natural mineral, is also repellent and creates an unfavorable environment for the spider which will nest elsewhere.


  • 50 grams of alum stone powder;
  • 500ml lukewarm water.

To into a spray bottle and spray on areas where cobwebs return regularly.

Namely, the natural alum stone is transparent and pure, while the synthetic stone is opaque.

TOBACCO – 11 Natural Tricks To Get Rid Of Spiders Nest A Complete Guide 2022

Do you have leftover tobacco from years when you were still a smoker? You will finally make a non-hazardous and even beneficial use of it.

You need to prepare:

  • 50 grams of your tobacco powder;
  • 1 liter of water;
  • 1/2 cup of dishwashing liquid.

Boil tobacco in water.

Leave to cool and rest for a fortnight.

The filter was then re-diluted in 10 liters of water, adding the dishwashing liquid.

Again, spray where needed.

Namely: if you do not re-dilute, you get an organic and powerful weedkiller.

Why shouldn’t spiders be killed?

Even if you are afraid of spiders, it is not advisable to crush them in the house. Indeed, they are very useful and guarantee a certain ecological balance. They eat other more dangerous insects such as mosquitoes and can eliminate the flies that invade your interior.

Do house spiders bite?

The answer is “no” spiders don’t sting; they bite! Please don’t panic; they usually only bite other insects. Cases of bites on humans are extremely rare. 

A spider’s first reaction to danger is flight. She can also play dead for several minutes while curling up. Mechanically, most spiders cannot bite a person’s skin using their fangs; you risk nothing!

What are house spiders? Six species that you can come across at home

It can be interesting to know the different species of spiders you can see in your home.

Celtic or harlequin: the jumping spiders

This small spider has no web and usually roams on surfaces such as walls. She loves the sun, but she is also often seen inside houses. Its particularity is to jump on its prey.

To recognize it: 

  • It measures between 5 and 7 mm, 
  • It is brown with light bands on the abdomen,
  • She is hairy
  • She does not make a canvas.

Steatoda bipunctata: the smallest 

This tiny spider is harmless to humans but is a formidable predator for other insects.

To recognize it: 

  • It measures between 4 and 7 mm, 
  • She has two spots on her abdomen,
  • Its legs are very short compared to the size of its abdomen. 

House spiders: the most common

It is the species most present in the house. However, you may never know that you are cohabiting with her. Indeed, it is very discreet and only comes out at night to hunt and recover the prey caught in its web. Either way, she’s harmless.

To recognize her 

  • It measures between 10 and 16 mm,
  • It is brown but quite clear, 
  • Its legs are hairy and long,
  • Its web is funnel-shaped.

The house spiders or house spiders: a species visible in the fall

It is very present in homes. It can be seen especially in the fall when the female is looking for a male to mate with. It also comes out to hunt, but mainly at night. It hides in damp rooms like the basement or the bathroom. Don’t panic; she is as scared as you and is not aggressive

To recognize it: 

  • It measures between 10 and 16 mm,
  • She is dark in color,
  • Its legs are hairy and long,
  • Its canvas is in a tablecloth with a funnel opening.

Steatoda Grossa or domestic: a bite without consequences

We could confuse this species with a black widow, but it is much less dangerous and much smaller. Indeed, it can bite in certain rare situations, but its bite is without consequences. It is, therefore, better to avoid handling it. She hides in dark corners like the cracks in the walls, behind the furniture.

To recognize it: 

  • It measures between 5 and 10 mm,
  • She is brown, 
  • Its canvas is networked.

The whole phalange: the one who hides in height

She usually hides high up near ceilings, in nooks under furniture, and on domed webbing. It does not tolerate heat very well and prefers cool rooms. If you come across her, don’t worry, she’s harmless. 

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11 Natural Tricks To Get Rid Of Spider Nest A Complete Guide 2022

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