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Home » 10 Vibratory Plate Compactor, Rollers & Rammers Outdoor Power 2022

10 Vibratory Plate Compactor, Rollers & Rammers Outdoor Power 2022

10 Vibratory Plate Compactors, Rollers & Rammer Outdoor Power 2022

10 Vibratory Plate Compactor, Rollers & Rammers Outdoor Power 2022

Best Vibratory Plate Compactor – Comparison June 2022 Plate compactors are available on the market in many versions and brands. To eliminate confusion, we reviewed all brands, styles, and variations to find the four best vibratory plate compactors. In this review, we’ll look at the features and reasons for choosing each one. Some are more capable and have more advanced features than others, so choose the best vibratory plate compactor that best suits your needs.

Our favorite choice: The Ayerbe sF460 vibratory plate compactor

Practical and efficient, Ayerbe sF460 is the favorite choice in our comparison of the best vibrating plate compactors of the moment! It is a versatile compaction tool equally suitable for paving and railway tracks. Its power system is designed to ensure easy pressing of the control lever. With a powerful motor, this model offers you fast and fine results.

Ayerbe – Vibrating Plate sF460 160cc 5.5HP/3600rpm

Ayerbe sF460 vibratory plate compactor: Best vibratory plate compactor

Powerful and solid, Ayerbe sF460 is a heavy compactor that allows you to work on several soil types. In addition, its reverse and forward options ensure more comfortable and flexible use.

Ayerbe sF460 is at the higher end of the price spectrum but qualifies as the best vibratory plate compactor. Its plate measures 500 X 360 mm and has a centrifugal force of approximately 10.5 kN. It is an ideal accessory for compacting sand, gravel, and soil.

Bestseller No. 1
WEN 56035T 7 HP 4500-Pound Compaction Force Plate Compactor, CARB...
185 Reviews
WEN 56035T 7 HP 4500-Pound Compaction Force Plate Compactor, CARB...
  • Powerful: 212cc engine is larger than most in its...
  • Maneuverable with our unique swing-over handle and...
  • Fast travel speed = productivity; single direction...
  • Vibration isolators between the welded Steel plate...
  • Easily transportable with lift handles at the...
Bestseller No. 2
BILT HARD Plate Compactor Rammer, 6.5HP 196cc Gas Engine 5500...
1 Reviews
BILT HARD Plate Compactor Rammer, 6.5HP 196cc Gas Engine 5500...
  • Professional Machine: Our self-propelled plate...
  • Efficient & Easy Operation: Speed up the throttle,...
  • Comfortable & Easy to Move: Our tampers have a...
  • Precautions: Read the user's manual before using....
  • Warranty: the item is free from defects in...
SaleBestseller No. 3
TOMAHAWK Vibratory Plate Compactor Tamper with Poly Pad and...
  • 6HP Kohler CH260 Engine with 3 Year Warranty
  • Achieve 100% compaction with a centrifugal force...
  • Compaction of cohesive and granular soils and...
  • Beveled 17" x 21" plate for compaction that does...
  • Achieve 98-100% Compaction on Field Density Tests
Bestseller No. 4
Stark USA KIT61021 Plate Compactor Gas 6.5hp 196cc Vibratory...
  • Ideally used for finishing asphalt, sand, and...
  • Versatile equipment ideal for compaction of...
  • A perfect combination of practicality and...
  • Fold-up transport wheels and handle are attached...
  • Engine Type: 6.5hp Stark Engine Forced Air...
Bestseller No. 5
XtremepowerUS 61017 Walk Behind Plate Compactor w/Wheel Gas 2.5hp...
61 Reviews
XtremepowerUS 61017 Walk Behind Plate Compactor w/Wheel Gas 2.5hp...
  • ? Ideally used for finishing asphalt, sand, and...
  • ?The compactor features an adjustable control...
  • ?Efficiency: 4280 ft 2/hr; Plate Size: 18.7 x...
  • ? Built-in Wheel - Fold-up transport wheels are...
  • ?Loncin engine design of overhead valve (OHV) the...
Bestseller No. 6
Tomahawk 5.5 HP Honda Vibratory Plate Compactor Tamper for...
  • 5.5 HP Honda Engine model able to compact over...
  • Travel speed of 79 ft. per minute for greater...
  • Maneuverable and user friendly, our compact 17 x...
  • Heavily reinforced by a steel exciter box for...
  • Backed by 3-year engine warranty and 1-year...
Bestseller No. 7
Stark 7.0HP Walk Behind Plate Compactor Gas Vibration Compaction...
  • A perfect combination of practicality and...
  • Versatile equipment ideal for compaction of...
  • Fold-up transport wheels are attached and able to...
  • Ideally used for finishing asphalt, sand, and...
  • Engine Type: Forced Air -Cooled, 4 -Stroke...
Bestseller No. 8
TOMAHAWK 5.5 HP Vibratory Plate Compactor Tamper for Dirt,...
  • 163cc / 5.5 HP Honda GX160 Engine
  • 3 Year Engine Warranty and 1 Year Plate Compactor...
  • Compaction Force of 2,050 lbs./ft.
  • Compaction of granular soils up to 8 inches
  • Compaction of cohesive soils up to 4 inches
SaleBestseller No. 9
TOMAHAWK 5.5 HP Honda Vibratory Plate Compactor Tamper with 3.5...
14 Reviews
TOMAHAWK 5.5 HP Honda Vibratory Plate Compactor Tamper with 3.5...
  • Compacts over 3,400 lbs per square ft - with...
  • Compaction of cohesive and granular soils up to 12...
  • Compact 22 in. x 20 in. plate can work around...
  • Featuring a large 3.5 Gallon water tank for...
  • 6 Year Product Warranty + 3 Year Engine Warranty
Bestseller No. 10
Stark USA 61014 Plate Compactor Gas 2hp 79cc 2000lbs Force...
  • A perfect combination of practicality and...
  • 79cc vibratory plate compactor model delivers...
  • Can be used in multiple jobs such as working on...
  • Fold-up transport wheels are attached and able to...
  • Effective Base Area: 17 x 11.8"; Vibration...

The compactor stands out from other models available on the market for its increased stability. Believe us, after a long day of working with a plate compactor; you’ll be grateful you paid more for this level of reduction.

The design of this compaction machine sets it apart from other cheaper models. It gives you peace of mind because it’s durable and made to last. Its plate will play its role perfectly while ensuring greater comfort of use. Thanks to its 5.5 HP Honda gx160 engine, this vibratory plate compactor is highly efficient.


  • Great stability 
  • A handy board
  • Increased efficiency
  • A powerful engine 
  • High forward speed
  • Easy handling 


  • A bit expensive 

This device is very maneuverable, making it ideal for working in a confined or narrow area. It also has a high forward speed. In addition, it does not consume energy at an alarming rate. The engine is reliable and offers easy starting. If you want to get a tough job done fast and want it to look high quality, this is the best vibratory plate compactor for you. It weighs only 62 kg and measures 1080 X 360 X 800 mm.

Where to buy the Ayerbe sF460 vibratory plate compactor?

Ayerbe – Vibrating Plate sF460 160cc 5.5HP/3600rpm

ZIPPER ZI-RPE 60: The vibratory plate compactor with a super price-performance ratio

Handy and comfortable, ZIPPER ZI-RPE 60 combines perfection at an affordable price. It guarantees you fast and efficient compaction.

If you need to spend a little less than the Scheppach but still want high-quality performance, the ZIPPER ZI-RPE 60 may be your best vibratory plate compactor. It features a folding handle for optimal maneuverability and performance. The V-belt is completely protected. It reduces wear and limits interventions. 

In addition, the machine’s design requires minimal maintenance while delivering exceptional productivity. For operator comfort, it features ergonomic carry handles that eliminate the hassle of loading or unloading it on the job site. This accessory operates at 5600 vibrations/min, making it easy to use for long-lasting projects.


  • Folding handle
  • Protected V-belt
  • Carry handle
  • Noise level: 101dB
  • Easy to use


  • No cons to report

The engine is a high-performance model with a power of 4 kW. If you work on medium to large projects, this unit from ZIPPER might be the best option for you. It weighs 62 kg and covers an area of ​​0.19 m² with a compaction force of approximately 10.5 kN.

Known for its very good value for money, the ZIPPER ZI-RPE 60 vibratory plate compactor is a very valuable tool for many professionals and experienced DIYers. With this tool, you can combine finishing and good compaction at a reasonable price.

Where to buy the ZIPPER ZI-RPE 60 vibratory plate compactor?

ZIPPER ZI-RPE 60 vibratory plate compactor

vidaXL: The best vibratory plate compactor for professionals

Strong and multifunctional, vidaXL gives you the operating speed and stability convenient enough to succeed in your compaction projects.

To save much less effort than other models, the best vibratory plate compactor you can choose is one with all the comfort and ergonomic options. While it may save you effort right now, it can be easy to tell what quality you will receive. With its innovative extras, there’s a chance that vidaXL is a great compactor for professionals. 

vidaXL provides a great impact force and works with a practical compaction depth that allows you to accomplish your missions efficiently and in a short time. It ensures full pressure on the base materials of the project. It weighs 66.5 kg. Its bottom plate is made of industrial-grade steel. You, therefore, benefit from a great strength for a count in construction standards.


  • Good stability 
  • Quick work
  • Easy to use
  • Vibration reduction
  • A powerful engine
  • Practical speed


  • No cons to report 

The vibrating plate design also provides the ability to self-clean. In addition, the plate allows easy access to tight corners. This compactor is equipped with a powerful motor that generates high speed. It guarantees its high versatility and can be used for asphalt, sand, gravel, and much more.

The vidaX L vibratory plate compactor is a popular tool among professionals for its easy and intuitive use. In addition, it allows for clean and fine compaction.

Where to buy the vidaXL vibratory plate compactor?

vidaXL Vibratory Plate Compactor 196 CC 63 kg 12.1 Kn

Evolution Power Tools: The best vibratory plate compactor for beginners

Reliable and efficient, the Evolution Power Tools is an excellent vibratory plate compactor for construction beginners.

This Evolution Power Tools machine is another great pick for our list of the best vibratory plate compactors. It has a sturdy plate and offers high performance with a low frequency of 90 Hz. A qualitative motor is the basis of this machine. It makes it perfect for commercial job sites, rental fleets, or home projects. It moves easily through tight spaces and compacts most granular or cohesive soils.

Users have found this compactor to be ideal for landscapes, roads, asphalt, and tough landscapes. It is not only sturdy but also very durable and has a handy mat to reduce vibration. One of the other things people seem to like is that it delivers 5m/min running speed. 


  • Robust 
  • Multifunctional
  • Quick work
  • Handy
  • Running speed of 5 m/min
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to transport 


  • No cons to report

Easy to maneuver in restricted access areas, you can expect most of your jobs to be done quickly and efficiently. Thanks to its electric induction motor, you can now compact the soil layers without releasing harmful fumes. It allows you to use it in confined spaces easily. You will love its folding handle, which guarantees easy transport, and its 2-year warranty.

If you’re a beginner still looking to get your first vibratory plate compactor, consider Evolution Power Tools. The latter is an ideal partner for compacting small areas.

Where to buy the Evolution Power Tools vibratory plate compactor?

Evolution Power Tools – Hulk Electric Compactor, (230V)

Our buying guide to buying the best vibratory plate compactor

If you are working on a large construction or home improvement project where you need to compact materials, the tool is a compactor. Choosing the best vibratory plate compactor will help you easily compact any underlayment or asphalt in your driveway. It is also a useful piece of equipment for working on parking lots and other small repairs. According to some professionals, plate compactors are great for jobs that big rollers can’t reach.

You will find several models of vibratory plate compactors on the market. It can be difficult for you to choose the ideal version among the various options available. Only proper research and knowledge can help you make the right decision.

However, this research takes a long time. We have tried to summarize the criteria and useful information to help you find the best vibratory plate compactor.

What is a vibratory plate compactor?

The vibratory plate compactor is a type of machine used to reduce the size of materials such as gravel, sand, biomass, waste, or earth to increase their density by compaction. Historically, soil compaction was carried out by cumbersome rollers pulled by horses or other livestock.

These pull rollers have been gradually replaced by steam rollers and are now done with the vibrating roller. This compaction technique is essential for landscaping, construction, or paving. Although they similarly perform their task, they are suitable for different tasks depending on their type.

Why buy a vibratory plate compactor?

A vibrating plate compactor makes obtaining a very smooth surface easy before paving it. The paving project can consist of a driveway, pavers for a walkway, or a cement patio. Whatever the project, starting with a smooth, compacted surface will prevent problems in the future.

It is a necessary machine for regular and durable paving. Different vibratory plate compactors are built for different types of terrain, pavement, and users. They use heavy plates and vibrations to compact earth, sub-base, gravel, or other paving materials.

How to choose the best vibratory plate compactor?

When buying your vibratory plate compactor, you must research what you need. Today we bring you some features that you should check before buying your vibratory plate compactor, and they are:

  • Size of the plate: The available plates range from 38 to 63 cm. If you’re working on a project that takes up a lot of space, you need a large plate size. However, if you need to do a little work, you should prefer a smaller plate. If the plate is larger or smaller than your workspace, you may have trouble compacting the space.
  • Water tank: A water tank in the compactor creates a barrier between the cold compaction plate and the hot asphalt. The plate may stick to hot asphalt if you get a compactor plate without a water tank. So a water tank, especially a large one, will give you enough machine time and versatility.
  • Plate Material: You should choose a heavy-duty plate that can serve you with plenty of power and long life. Before buying your vibratory plate compactor, ensure you have ductile iron or steel that can effectively compact everything you need. It is because heavy metals help you compact any material with higher centrifugal force.
  • Handle Style: You should also check the handle style of the plate compactor you will purchase. An anti-vibration handle will comfort you and allow you to work for a long time without pain or fatigue.

On the contrary, a handle with a swing can multiply your maneuverability and allow you to easily move the machine wherever you want in the work area.

  • Forward speed per minute: You should also check the forward speed per minute of the compactor. If the machine has a higher speed, you can get your work done quickly.


The vibrating plate should be made of the highest quality and durable materials to withstand the stresses of the job. The surface of the plate affects the pressure generated and the depth at which the pressure acts. Who needs a very deep consolidation should opt for a model with a high weight and a small worktop. Depending on the model, rubber covers or interchangeable rubber plates are part of the delivery and are intended for stone processing.

Flat vibration at a glance

  • Vibratory plates are hand-held soil compactors that are not suitable for large areas. There are vibrating plates in forward and reverse. The latter can be used more flexibly as they can be used in both forward and reverse.
  • Vibratory plates are hand-held soil compactors that are not suitable for large areas. There are vibrating plates in forward and reverse. The latter can be used more flexibly as they can be used in both forward and reverse.
  • Powertrain vibrating plates usually work with an internal combustion engine. But there are also hydraulic or electric drives, but the subject of our vibration plate comparison only

What is a flat vibration?

A vibrating plate is a machine for leveling and fixing surfaces. The machine has a high weight, pressing a stable plate to the ground. The plate vibrates/vibrates through a mechanism that hits the ground and moves the particles horizontally for leveling. Vibratory plates are used in house construction for foundations, landscaping, and horticulture, especially for roads, and in road construction for solidifying stones.

How does the vibration plate work?

Two rotating oscillators generate an imbalance. The vibrating plate is then lifted and then pressed onto the ground. Raising and lowering the plate compacts the bottom underneath. Lifting and lowering occur only in the range of millimeters but cause by the weight compaction of the ground or the shaking of gravel or pavement.

What to buy for a vibration plate?

Here, it mainly depends on the use you want of your vibrating plate. One is enough if you only want to compact the soil for your garden pond. Electric vibratory plate Being more flexible is a Cheaper vibratory plate with an internal combustion engine.

How strong are the vibrating plates?

Vibrating plates usually have a noise level above 100 decibels. Here is a Necessary ear muff so as not to damage your hearing.

What weighs a flat vibration?

The weight of a vibrating plate is decisive for the performance. The heavier the machine, the higher the performance you can expect. The Vibrating plate offers to work occasionally in the yard and garden from about 50 kg. But you can also make a Buy vibration plate that weighs up to 100 kg. Our Vibration plate comparison winner is even 130 kg, and its bigger brother, the Lumag RP-160HPC, even weighs 160 kilograms. It will give you an appropriate compression pressure on the floor.

What size is the vibrating plate?

The size of the vibrating plate also influences the compaction performance. But it’s not that a large vibrating plate is preferable because its dimensions always affect the motor power and the weight of the vibrating plate. An optimal Vibration plate Bestseller corresponds optimally to these parameters. What is important, however, is the width of the vibrating plate, which is between 35 and 60 centimeters. If you only want to compact a trench, there is one for your small vibratory plates -The more advantageous width.

How to operate a vibrating plate?

Before putting your vibratory plate into operation, you must fill it with petrol and engine oil and check the operational safety. Start the vibrating plate. Use a governor lever to move the vibrating plate. A centrifugal clutch prevents the transmission from idling. With increasing speed, it lights up. Let the machine run; you only adjust the direction of travel.


Do not use your vibration plate on hard or concrete floors. The device could touch and damage!

Also, be careful with reverse patterns. When reversing, ensure you are not caught between the vibrating plate and any obstacles.

How to transport a flat vibration?

It is useful that some manufacturers offer devices with transport wheels.

How much does a vibration plate cost?

Vibration plate price comparison, In any case, you should make the price ranges very different. The cheapest is a comparison on the Internet. Price and performance are best compared here. In addition, you have the advantages in the customer reviews on many Vibration plate experiences other users.

What is safety on vibrating plates?

Working with a vibrating plate requires a lot of attention. In addition to operational safety, you should pay attention to the prescribed protective equipment.

  • Tailored work clothes
  • ear protection
  • Mouth guard or respirator
  • Safety glasses with side protection
  • work shoes and work gloves
  • Helmet

Which purchase criteria are important

The weight:

The weight of a vibratory plate is one of the decisive characteristics because it decides the pressure on the soil. Of course, other factors influence the efficiency, but the weight is the most important factor compared to the models presented in the vibratory plate price comparison. However, a large weight may make it difficult to handle the machine and prevent it from being handled.

Vibrating plates Advantages / Disadvantages


  • Effortless soil compaction
  • available in different widths
  • Electric drive, with an internal combustion engine or hydraulic
  • also available with inversion


  • Laut
  • high weight
  • Joint load due to vibrations
  • Safety clothing required
  • intensive price

 vibration intensity

The higher the vibration intensity, the more intensively the particles can be moved through the soil. It also means that the vibrating plate must remain on the ground surface for a shorter period, assuming adequate weight for the desired effect. Work can be done faster.

The multiple effects of parameters

Basically, as with many crafting machines, the intended area of ​​use and personal preference determine the usefulness or usefulness of certain properties. Someone with less strength will prefer a lighter machine but less ground pressure. The pressure can now be increased on a smaller vibration plate, to some extent automatically due to the smaller device, again to increase. However, a smaller plate has the disadvantage that a low workload per hour is possible.

Is the vibration plate cheap to buy?

The prices of the models are, with one exception, in the range from 320 EUR to 420 EUR, so there are no significant price jumps. However, those who only plan on occasional use or rarely want to use the machine could consider an alternative, such as purchasing a vibration plate.

Vibration plate guide – what to look for

With vibrating plates, the home and tradespeople can solidify the ground and prepare for further work. The devices are large and heavy and must therefore be designed and used with the necessary care. Most of the models compared to can be used in similar areas.

How to apply a vibration plate 

Is there a Rüttelplatte test report at Stiftung Warentest?

Like most craft tools, there is no Vibratory Plate to Test the foundation. In their Vibration plate experiments, Therefore, you can only collect yourself. It is important to familiarize yourself with the use instructions in advance and study all warnings carefully.


The models tested on the Vibration Plate Compare are similar in most parameters except for a few outliers. When buying, it is better to pay attention to the weight, vibration intensity, and size of the vibration plate. If you want to fix stones with the device, you must consider the vibrating plate’s suitability.

Which vibration plate model was ranked as the winner in the comparison?

The item was rated very well in our LUMAG RP130-HPC Vibratory Plate Soil Compactor Vibratory Plate Cutters comparison and prevailed against the other five items listed.

Which manufacturers offer the plate compactor comparison of Test Your products?

Our plate compactor comparison is based on several well-known manufacturers. With us, you can easily determine which plate compactor product belongs to which brand. We have chosen these manufacturers for you: and the.

Who had in the vibration plate comparison of Test-the best price-performance ratio?

Customers who want to make particularly price-sensitive purchases benefit from the best price-performance ratio in our plate compactor comparison Woodster plate compactor, PC08 compactor – compaction depth 20 mm in which the price and the service offered are presented in a particularly favorable relationship.

What is the price range of plate compaction products available at Test ? Have comparisons been shown?

With us, you can Rüttelplatte Products for less than 419.95 € acquire. For anyone who demands more quality, prices should start at €891.90.

Why do the editors of Test- in the plate compactor comparison take these items into account?

Our editorial team deals with a wide range of suppliers for each comparison before deciding which items from manufacturers compete in the vibration plate rankings. Here are these five godparents: LUMAG RP130-HPC vibratory plate soil compactor vibrator, DENQBAR professional vibratory plate with a gasoline engine, HP1100S vibratory plate compressor with oil level switch, Holzinger vibratory plate 100kg / 6.5 motor CV – HRP100, Reversible vibratory plate LUMAG RP- 160HPC and the Woodster plate compactor, PC08 compactor – compaction depth 20 mm

How did the publishers compare in the Rüttelplatte Test-set the order of priority?

The ranking is not influenced by manufacturers, brands, or products but only according to the objective criteria of our editors. Then I have the item LUMAG RP130-HPC vibratory plate compactor soil compactor from us grade 1, followed by DENQBAR professional vibratory plate with a gasoline engine, HP1100S vibratory plate compressor with oil level switch, Vibratory plate Holzinger 100kg / 6.5 HP motor – HRP100 and the LUMAG RP-160HPC reversible vibratory plate.

Which plate compactors were the best products at Test-Comparison always presented?

In addition to the comparison winner in the first place, there is also one with the best price-performance ratio among the vibration plate articles presented. The remaining articles include LUMAG RP130-HPC vibratory plate vibrator soil compactor, DENQBAR professional vibratory plate with a gasoline engine, or HP1100S vibratory plate compressor with oil level switch are also currently among the most popular bestsellers.

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