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Home » 10 Best Gaming Chairs For Every Budget: Buying Guide 2022

10 Best Gaming Chairs For Every Budget: Buying Guide 2022

10 Best Gaming Chairs For Every Budget: Buying Guide 2022

10 Best Gaming Chairs For Every Budget: Buying Guide 2022

Having one of the best gaming chairs can make a difference when playing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a PC or console gamer or if you’re also going to use it to surf the Internet or even take a nap between games.

The point is that having a gamer chair with a spectacular design, fully customizable configurations, and accessories that improve posture offers us countless advantages when compared to a traditional office seat.

So, if you want to get one but you don’t know which one to choose, we have created this guide to help you buy the gaming chair that best suits your tastes, measurements, and budget.

The article is divided into three parts; now, you will find a comparison of the best gaming chairs, then a brief review of each model, and, finally, our recommendations and advice.

The Best Gaming Chairs of 2022

There are more and more types, models, and brands of gaming chairs, but very few meet the quality guarantees that we consider essential. After conducting countless tests with each model, sharing opinions with other experts in the sector, and comparing the evaluations of hundreds of clients, we selected the ten best gaming chairs of 2022.

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The criteria carried out for the choice of each gaming chair have been determined based on a large number of variables, from the design and its ergonomics, though the general quality of the materials, to its value for money.

Below, you will find a brief analysis of the best-valued gaming chairs, their main characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, and our most objective opinion.

1. KLIM eSports Gaming Chair

After analyzing the models best valued by users and professional players, we can objectively conclude that the KLIM eSports is, without a doubt, the best gaming chair of 2022. It has earned this first position in our ranking thanks to two simple reasons:

The first is that it is made with the highest quality materials. It has a robust reinforced steel structure, ultra-resistant wheels, and synthetic leather.

Not only will this provide you with a better gaming experience, but it will significantly increase its durability. 

What’s more, the manufacturers are so confident in the quality of this chair that they include a 5-year warranty upon purchase.

The second reason is due to its excellent ergonomics. All the chair components are customizable, which will allow you to find the most comfortable position according to your measurements.

In addition, the high-density foam adapts to your body, improving posture and protecting your back, something that you will appreciate in the most extended gaming sessions.

Unlike other gaming chairs, the KLIM eSports is breathable and easy to clean. You will be able to play or work without the upholstery sticking to your skin, thus avoiding sweat.

I bought it last year to replace my old DX Racer 5, and I can genuinely say that I am delighted with it. It includes everything you can ask for in a good gaming chair. Recommended!


  • Very durable, thanks to the quality of the materials.
  • The upholstery is breathable and easy to clean.
  • Ergonomics and adaptability to the next level.
  • Includes a 5-year warranty upon purchase.


  • The assembly instructions are not as straightforward as we would like, although it is pretty easy to assemble.

2. DX Racer 6 Gaming Chair

Suppose you are looking for the perfect combination between aesthetics, ergonomics, and the quality of the materials. In that case, it is time for you to meet the great DX Racer 6, considered the best value for money gaming chair on the market.

It is very likely that you already know it, either because it has been recommended to you or simply because you have seen it to a YouTuber or professional gamer.

It is one of the most popular and highest-rated chairs in the world! We have been lucky enough to test it, and it seems to us a model that offers high-end features at a lower price. You will have a hard time finding such a complete gaming chair for less than 300 euros.

This is the latest proposal launched by DX Razer, a pioneering company and leader in the sports chair sector. This new model incorporates remarkable improvements in almost all areas, from the solidity of the structure and backrest, through ergonomics and customizable options, to a much more attractive appearance.

The only drawback that we have been able to find is in the arrangement of the lumbar cushion, which is not as comfortable as we would like.

Luckily, it is a straightforward problem to fix since if it bothers you, you can remove it in a matter of seconds. Regarding cleaning, it is lined with a layer of resistant and breathable polyester, a material that significantly facilitates the removal of dirt.

If you finally decide on this DX Racer gaming chair, let me give you one last piece of advice: remember that when you sit down, you won’t want to get up again for hours; it is extraordinarily comfortable. Oh, and don’t even think about bringing friends over; everyone will want to try it again!


  • It offers an unbeatable value for money.
  • All its components can be customized.
  • Lined with resistant and breathable leather.
  • It is an extraordinarily comfortable gaming chair.


  • It has a maximum resistance of 100 kilograms.

3. GT Player Red Gaming Chair

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and the GT Player Red has taught me that the same goes for cheap gaming chairs.

If you look at its price, you may think that it is too affordable to be of quality, but do not be fooled by a simple number. This cheap gamer chair is a natural wonder.

And I’m not saying it (also), but today it has a whopping 7,500 opinions on Amazon and an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

The GT Player is inspired by the sports car seats from the Racing Games, making you feel like a professional driver every time you sit in it.

As for the quality of the materials is made of synthetic leather, very well achieved, and sewn to the seat. Unlike most models of leather gamer chairs, the material used is waterproof, and cleaning it is as simple as wiping it with a damp cloth.

Another of the most exciting features is that it has a reclining backrest up to 165º, ideal for taking a nap from time to time or simply watching TV.

In short, if you are looking for an ergonomic model, fully customizable and at an affordable price, the GT Player Red is, without a doubt, the best cheap gaming chair you can buy in 2022.

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  • It is the best cheap gaming chair on the market.
  • Possibility of customizing each part of the seat.
  • Outstanding performance to be so economical.
  • The ergonomic model is available in 5 colors.


  • It is not recommended for people taller than 1.80 meters.
10 Best Gaming Chairs For Every Budget: Buying Guide 2022

4. Devil X-Ray Gaming Chair

The Diablo X-Ray is the best-selling gaming chair so far this year, and that’s easy to explain as it offers pretty much the same features as more expensive chairs at a much lower price.

At first glance, the most striking feature is it’s aesthetic with its personality. At this point, there are two types of people: those who hate the design and those who love it.

It seems that the contenders in the second group are winning since more than 100,000 units have been sold since they were put up for sale (only in Spain).

Leaving aesthetics aside, it is an ergonomic and very comfortable gaming chair to use, which will allow you to extend your gaming sessions or workdays.

And do you know the best of all? It will likely fit perfectly with your measurements; it is already available in 3 different sizes. In this way, you can choose the one that best suits your body and obtain the maximum degree of comfort.

In addition, the solid metal structure, together with the waterproof leather lining, guarantee extraordinary durability, as well as easy cleaning.

Although it has been on sale for more than two years, it is still the best-selling PC gaming chair in online stores. A quality alternative at an affordable price.


  • It is the best-selling chair in online stores.
  • Design and aesthetics with their personality.
  • It is ergonomic and very comfortable to use.
  • Available in 3 sizes and four different colors.


  • It is pretty bulky and heavy, suitable for large or tall people.
SaleBestseller No. 1
RESPAWN 110 Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Footrest Recliner -...
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Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair High Back Computer Chair Leather...
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  • Multi Function: 360 degree swivel and multi...
  • Dimension: Size of back: 22.5 inch and 30.5 inch....
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High-Back Gaming Chair PC Office Chair Computer Racing Chair PU...
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Bestseller No. 5
Dowinx Gaming Chair Fabric with Pocket Spring Cushion, Massage...
  • [Sitting Comfort Like Sofa] This seat cushion of...
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Bestseller No. 6
Gaming Chair Office Chair High Back Computer Chair Leather Desk...
  • Selected Material:High Density shaping Foam,more...
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  • Dimension:Size of Back: 22.5X30.5(LXW),Size of...
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YSSOA Backrest and Seat Height Adjustable Swivel Recliner Racing...
764 Reviews
YSSOA Backrest and Seat Height Adjustable Swivel Recliner Racing...
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Racing Style Gaming Chair, Leather Computer Desk Chair with...
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5. IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chair

If you are looking for a breathable gaming chair, the one you already have causes you to sweat while you play or because this type of material has been recommended to prevent sweating.

And this is true! The main advantage of the fabric compared to the rest lies precisely in the breathability of the material, which expels moisture to the outside more efficiently.

This feature will provide you with a more comfortable feeling and provide you with a more satisfying gaming experience, especially if you live in an area with a humid climate.

Within this segment, we consider the IntimaTe WM Heart to be the best fabric gaming chair for several reasons:

The first and most obvious is due to its great value for money. For less than 150 euros, you will get an ergonomic gaming chair built with suitable quality materials.

The second reason is the perfect arrangement of the lumbar and cervical cushion, which protects your back in the most extended gaming sessions. It is one of the only chairs we have tested that are worth leaving them on.

Finally, another of the significant advantages is in the adjustable armrests. Instead of being made of hard plastic, as with most chairs, the IntimaTe WM Heart has them padded in black rubber, thus offering greater comfort.

It is an option that you should consider if you have a limited budget and still want to get a good fabric gaming chair. Plus, you have up to 4 colors to choose from!


  • Considered the best fabric gamer chair.
  • It offers good value for money.
  • Fully adjustable for greater comfort.
  • This model is available in 4 colors to choose from.


  • It can only recline up to 135 degrees, although it is not decisive.

6. Mars Gaming MGC Gaming Chair

Because most miniature gamers also have the right to have a gaming chair like their favorite YouTubers and Streamers have.

Also, what better time to get used to having the correct postural habits? If children’s gaming chairs had existed when I was little, I’m sure that today I wouldn’t have a back as arched as today (or at least something would have helped).

Anecdotes aside, experts and users have chosen the Mars Gaming MGC as the best gaming chair for children today.

Thanks to its intelligent design and premium materials, it offers comfort to the next level.

The backrest of this new model has been optimized to improve ergonomics, and they have included a padded headrest, which reduces the feeling of discomfort in longer gaming sessions.

They have also improved the material covering the seat concerning the old version. It is now lined with ultra-resistant synthetic leather and a light nylon mesh.

Another aspect to highlight is that the Mars Gaming MGC is available, nothing more and nothing less than in 9 different colors. You can surprise him with his favorite color!

Although it is considered a gaming seat for children, it includes the same components as professional gamer chairs. Of course, at a much lower price.

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  • It is the best chair for gamers.
  • The material is resistant and easy to clean.
  • The ergonomic design improves posture.
  • You can choose between 9 different colors.


  • Assembly can be somewhat tedious.

7. Baset BL Gaming Chair

The Baset BL stands out for being the best-selling gaming chair at Carrefour and stands out for the hundreds of positive comments highlighting its great value for money.

Before continuing, I want to clarify that we have not had the opportunity to test this chair, so that the analysis will be carried out based on user reviews.

In addition to basing ourselves on buyers’ opinions, we will use the documentation provided by the manufacturer to make a comparison that is as realistic and objective as possible.

Users point out that this gamer chair is very comfortable, in part, thanks to its excellent ergonomics. The seat’s interior is filled with high-density foam, while the exterior is covered with a layer of polyester. The latter is resistant, easy to clean, and allows good breathability.

They also point out that it comes with two cushions, one lumbar and one cervical, which adapt perfectly to our body. If you have read our recommendations at the end of the article, you will already know that we are not big fans of cushions. However, almost all buyers are delighted with them.

Another of the most commented features is that it is straightforward and quick to assemble. As with most gaming chair brands, the instructions come in English, but you’ll be able to make it from the drawings in less than 10 minutes.

In short, we did not plan to include this gaming chair in the ranking but seeing its characteristics, and that it has 95% positive evaluations, we have no choice but to recommend it to you with enthusiasm and strength.


  • Cheap, comfortable, and ergonomic gamer chair.
  • It takes less than 10 minutes to assemble.
  • It has 95% positive feedback.
  • You can find it in three different colors.


  • The instruction manual is in English, but its assembly is easy and intuitive. 

8. Newskill Kitsune Gaming Chair

A new skill is one of the gaming community’s most recommended and recognized gaming chair brands. All the chairs it manufactures are built with quality materials, and we can find them at highly competitive prices.

Among its entire catalog, the New skill Kitsune has proven to be the most complete and ergonomic model and the one that offers the best value for money. So much so that today it has become the best-selling gaming chair on Amazon.

Like all New skill chairs, it incorporates a high-end foam padding that keeps the seat firm and increases the durability of the chair.

Its ergonomic design combined with the adjustable capacity of the components makes it easy for you to use it for a long time, always maintaining a good posture.

In this aspect, it stands out from its competitor’s thanks to the customization of the armrests. Unlike other models, the New skill Kitsune allows adjusting them in height and angle, thus offering greater comfort.

In addition, so that your back does not suffer while you work or play, it comes with two trapezoidal cushions: extra support for the head and another for the lumbar.

During the evaluation of this gaming chair, we tested it with cushions, without cushions, and a mixture of these. The result? → Remove the cervical pillow; the experience is much more pleasant.

And finally, since not everything in life is work and play, New skill Kitsune is also perfect for taking a nap from time to time. It can recline 180º (as tilted as your bed) and supports up to 150 kg. Recommended!


  • A new skill is one of the best gaming chair brands.
  • A model with good value for money.
  • It allows to recline 180º and supports 150 kilos.
  • You can select from five different colors.


  • The cervical cushion is not as comfortable as we would like.

9. HP OMEN Citadel Gaming Chair

When buying a gaming chair, we want to find a model with a spectacular design and one that is capable of offering us good ergonomics.

Well, this is precisely what the HP OMEN Citadel offers, the highest-rated and best-selling gaming chair in Media Markt.

The first time you open the box and see its dimensions, you will most likely ask yourself: Is this a chair or a palace throne?

It’s a big gaming chair, VERY BIG!

And not only that, but when you touch the materials with which it is made, it is when you realize how well you have done by buying this gamer chair.

Of course, prepare the portfolio, because it is not exactly a cheap video game chair, although its price is more than justified;

It has a spectacular design with one of the most robust structures we have ever tested, a very spacious seat, extra-thick cushions, and a high backrest that will improve your posture during the game.

The cushions provide good ergonomics and comfort. Indeed, we have been able to spend more time (on average) than with the rest of the chairs without our backs or lumbar suffering.

The outer lining is covered with micro-perforated synthetic leather that allows good breathability. In addition to preventing sweat, it is straightforward to clean material.

In conclusion, if you are taller than 1.80 meters and need something big and comfortable, the HP OMEN Citadel is one of the best value for money gaming chairs you can buy.


  • The best option is if you are a tall or large person.
  • It has a truly spectacular design.
  • Micro-perforated synthetic leather prevents sweat.
  • Materials guarantee excellent durability and resistance.


  • It’s a big, bulky gaming chair. It requires more space than other models.

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10. Corsair T3 Rush Gaming Chair

Although the Corsair T3 Rush is at the bottom of our list of the best gaming chairs, that does not mean that it is less competent than the others.

It is made with highly acclaimed fabric and is the best-selling El Corte Inglés video game chair. This is due, in part, to the fact that it is one of the most used gaming chairs by YouTubers and professionals.

In addition, Corsair is specialized in the manufacture of accessories and chairs for video games, being a top brand in the sector and an essential reference in the field of eSports.

In this case, we refer to a sports chair created to offer the highest comfort level. Both the seat and backrest are adjustable and are installed under a cross foot, a feature that gives it excellent stability.

The Corsair T3 Rush gaming chair stands out from its competitors in the same price range for being a robust and ultra-resistant chair, capable of supporting up to 150 kg of weight.

On the other hand, the armrests contain fully customizable mechanisms, including height and rotation, as well as rails that allow you to move them back and forth.

It should also be noted that the backrest can be reclined up to 180º and locked just at the most comfortable height for both the back and the arms.

Their construction design is essential regarding the wheels since they are made of durable plastic and a nylon coating. This means that they will not damage any soil.

In short, if you are looking for a sporty but elegant seat made with high-quality materials and covered in fabric, the Corsair T3 Rush represents one of the best value-for-money gaming chairs of 2022.


  • Sporty fabric chair, elegant and ergonomic.
  • It offers good value for money.
  • Fully customizable for greater comfort.
  • Excellent durability, thanks to the quality of its materials.


  •  It is pretty challenging to get the stains out of the fabric.

Buying Guide For The Best Gaming Chairs

Now that you know the main types of gaming chairs, it is time to see what characteristics are vital for a suitable choice. Generally, someone looking for a gaming chair or seat is because they spend many hours sitting in front of the computer or video game console. So maintaining correct posture is key to your long-term health.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a spectacular design before comfort or if it’s the other way around and you put ergonomics before creation. The following recommendations will help you choose regardless of your priorities.

Chair height and weight

Without a doubt, height and weight are the most important factors when choosing a gaming chair since they will determine, to a large extent, the level of comfort that you will obtain.

Therefore, you should always check the height and maximum weight requirements before launching to buy it. Most gaming chair brands include these measurements in their product descriptions (and so do we).

It should be noted that there are specific models of gamer chairs that will allow you to adjust the height according to your needs. There are also particular models for tall, short, overweight people, etc.

As much as you love the design of a gaming chair, my advice is that if it doesn’t fit your measurements, it’s better to find another one. Your back will thank you!

Chair Ergonomics

Meeting the height and weight requirements ensures greater comfort and adaptability. However, that is not enough to achieve maximum performance.

We believe that an excellent ergonomic gaming chair should incorporate fully customizable settings. That allows us to adjust each part of the chair (height, armrests, inclination, headrest, etc.).

This will not only take your gaming experience to the next level, but you will be able to find the perfect position according to what you need at any given moment.

Reclining Gaming Chairs

Today, the vast majority of gaming chairs are reclining. There are indeed some models that do not allow you to adjust the inclination of the backrest, but it is scarce to run into one.

At this point, you should assess what uses you are going to give the chair in addition to playing video games: are you also going to use it to read or to be on your mobile? Do you want to take a nap from time to time to rest your eyes?

Each model offers its recline, although all are usually between 90º (no tilt) and 180º (as tilted as a bed). While the high-end models have an automatic adjustment system, the cheapest gaming chairs are manual. Of course, it is not a determining feature, but it adds points if you are looking for maximum comfort.

Back Support

I have tested over 13 gaming chairs over the years, and I can tell you that I have yet to find one that offers the perfect lumbar solution.

All of them have been more comfortable for me than traditional or office chairs (some more and others less), but none have met my expectations 100% on this subject.

This is because the ideal back support varies according to each person’s measurements and body type. Naturally, more expensive gaming chairs have firmer and more versatile pillows, translating directly into greater comfort.

From my point of view, I have managed to get a better experience with those with lumbar support incorporated directly into the chair instead of those that bring external lumbar pillows.

Chair Materials

Quality gaming chairs must be resistant materials that guarantee long durability over time. Generally, video game chairs usually come in leather, fur, or fabric. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, so the choice should be based on your preferences.

Leather gaming chairs have the advantage of being a more durable material than others, but the drawback is that they can cause sweat in hot weather. On the other hand, leather gaming chairs stand out for how easy it is to clean them if they get stained and their excellent durability. It is recommended that you usually eat and drink soft drinks while playing.

Finally, we have the fabric gaming chairs, which differ from the rest because they prevent sweat because said material allows good perspiration.

In addition, they usually offer greater customization since they have a greater variety of colors. However, its weak point is cleaning since it is more difficult to remove dirt if it gets stained.

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Which chairs are best for gaming?

Best gaming chairs

  1. Secretlab Titan Evo 2022. The best gaming chair made even better. …
  2. Secretlab Omega. The more affordable Secretlab chair. …
  3. Logitech G x Herman Miller Embody. The best ergonomic gaming chair. …
  4. NeueChair. The best office chair for gaming. …
  5. AndaSeat Kaiser 2. …
  6. Noblechairs Hero. …
  7. Corsair T3 Rush. …
  8. DXRacer Master.

Are gaming chairs really better?

Gaming chairs do provide better ergonomic support for longer sessions, with higher backs, more adjustment options, and lumbar cushions for the bottom of the price range. However, if budget isn’t an option, more premium office chairs can provide a better overall experience for a much higher price tag.

Why are gaming chairs so uncomfortable?

Posture habits can degrade until you turn into a hunchback. That tightens muscles in your legs, back, neck and shoulders. When you sit in a gaming chair, tight muscles must expand. For people with poor posture, this may feel very uncomfortable — at first.

What is the best gaming chair under $100?

12 Best Gaming Chairs Under $100 in 2022

  • BestOffice PC Gaming Chair. …
  • Vitesse Gaming Chair. Features: …
  • BOSSIN Gaming Chair. Features: …
  • BestOffice High-Back Gaming Chair. Features: …
  • Homall Racing Gaming Chair. Features: …
  • DESINO Gaming Chair. Features: …
  • OFM Essentials Gaming Chair. Features: …
  • BestOffice Ergonomic Office Chair. Features:

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